Lots of people with homes in the countryside often have to work in the city during the week. For some, work can take them anywhere around the world. It’s nice to retreat to a home in the country where you can find peace and quiet in your own surroundings. So just how easy is it to work away and still manage a country home?

If you are spending weeks or even months away from your house at a time, it’s important to consider security and safety. While you are away, the weather could be quite bad. It’s a good idea to check the roof and windows before you leave. You want to feel confident that your home is weather proof in your absence.

If you are away for a longer period, you might want to consider renting out your home. Many people who work for the military find they are moving around with their job. Often you will be offered a choice of furnished apartment rentals relevant to your role. This means you won’t be needing your home for a while so you could have your home earn you some money in your absence. An estate agent or realtor could advise you further.

If you are renting your home out, you may want to put some of your personal possessions into storage. This could be within the house, or at a secure facility away from your home. Even if you’re not away, some of your items may benefit from being packaged away carefully. Dust can build up quickly in empty properties. It will save you a lot of cleaning on your return if everything is covered and put away.


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Managing your overheads while you are away can prove difficult. Direct debits and standing orders can ensure that your utility bills and taxes continue to be paid in your absence. You may want to set up a redirect for the mail. Alternatively, why not hire a property manager to check your property periodically and keep things running on your behalf?

If you have land that you manage around your country home, it can quickly become overgrown if nobody tends to it in your absence. Offering your neighbors or the community school an allotment there will help keep things running. If you have livestock, you will want a person you know and trust to look after them. You may need to hire some qualified personnel to look after things instead.

Renting out your home means the property is occupied and looked after in your absence. It can also generate income. Some of this income may need to go on property management and maintenance, but there should still be plenty left over. Short term tenancy agreements help to ensure your property is vacant again when you are ready to move back home.

It would be a shame to have to sell a rural home that you love just because your work takes you away from it. Managing your house remotely is possible with the right help. Speak to a local agent about your options so you can work away with peace of mind.

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