There’s really not all that much to deciding to go rural and perhaps live a cleaner life which affords your lungs the cleaner air of a location on the outskirts, but people really make a little bit too much of it. Going rural is in no way taking a step backwards and there are so many reasons to back that up.

Rural areas are not as under-developed as they used to be

Seriously, with all the technology available to people with more of a survivalist outlook on life, living in a so-called rural area is pretty much just by concept these days. Rural areas aren’t as under-developed as they used to be. Back in the day the more urban areas were more developed and developed more rapidly to keep up with the growing demands of housing workers who migrated in search of better opportunities and rural areas tended to lag behind. Rural areas are now as developed as they need to be and not a tiny bit more than required, otherwise we’d be bordering on the sort of over-development which makes it a pointless exercise going rural.

You want electricity – you have access to the grid to perhaps supplement your cleaner energy sources from wind, solar, etc…

You want to enjoy using a flushing toilet – you can have water drawn from a clean natural source which means less utilities, and you can install something like a French drain to handle the waste more than adequately.

Rural areas aren’t necessarily far away from everything

Distance from all the modern amenities is something else which is only representative of rural areas as they existed in the past. Nowadays things are totally different. You can gain access to pretty much everything you want with a drive that’s not longer than 40 minutes at most and in our specific case we even get same-day delivery on items such as thank you gift baskets we order online, amongst many others.

The pizza delivery man reaches us too if we don’t get any of the other stuff we order online delivered by drone!

As I near the completion of this post I’m having to stop myself from thinking about not publishing it at all, to avert the risk of more people figuring out our little open secret about rural living, but it’s okay I guess because we would never fall victim to something like inflated property prices at this stage.

Rural living offers a glimpse of the advantages of island-type life

If you know anything about the lives led by islanders then you’ll know that they generally enjoy a very high quality of life and even tend to live longer. Rural living is the next best thing, except it’s much, much cheaper.

Life is generally cheaper while assets retain better value

We get most of our consumables at a much cheaper price in the rural areas and it’s at its freshest as well, accounting for life being much cheaper in the rural areas. Assets such as our land retain better value and guess what? The banks view rural land as qualified collateral in the same way they view land which is situated in the urban areas, so should the need arise one can raise money borrowing against their land.

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