If you’re an owner of a country house, the last thing you’ll want is for its beautiful, rural aesthetic to be ruined by mess caused by you or your family. At the same time, investing in modern storage boxes can be just as problematic, as the newer designs won’t match up with your home’s interior. There are options for you to try though which can make the most of what you’ve already got in your home, without ruining the look. To find out what these are, be sure to read on and find out more.


Bespoke Shelves

By using reclaimed wood, you can create shelves that match the old-fashioned country stylings of your rooms. These are particularly effective in kitchens and pantries where you can adorn them with pots, pans, accessories and jars that might otherwise take up space on your work surfaces.

Sliding Doors

A fantastic way to create space without making huge changes is to invest in sliding doors, like the ones available from Barrier Components. By having these on features like doorways or on your cupboards and larger wardrobes, you don’t lose the room you’d get from opening these out. It’s surprising how effective this can be.

Matching Wood Boxes

A rather simple option is to do a little research and purchase storage boxes that match the wood you have for your furniture and other units. What’s even better about these is that once you’ve filled them with your chosen items, with an old throw and a few cushions they can also be used as a makeshift bench. So if you can, place these underneath a window bay so those who use it can enjoy the view.

Built-in Displays

If you have deep walls, or areas where old windows used to be, these can be perfect for attractive storage. Again, simply place some shelves within these and you can create a new bookcase or display cabinet that doesn’t look out of place.

Vertical Spaces

It’s quite likely you’ll have high ceilings in certain parts of your country home and these are ideal for creating storage units that don’t stand out too much. Taller and thinner grid or criss-cross style units can be used to store a large amount of items without taking up lots of room – again reclaimed wood can be used here.

So, give some of these approaches a try and soon your country home will be neat and tidy, the way it should be!

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