A well organized closet is the key to an organized mind – for some, anyway! When the contents of your closet is all in order, you will feel so much better about it. It takes such a weight off the shoulders! Use these top tips to help you get yours in check:

  1. Get Rid of Items You Don’t Wear

Be vigilant and get rid of the items you don’t wear. This will make organizing your closet so much easier. If you haven’t used or worn something in a while, then sell it or give it to charity. You’ll either be doing a good deed or making a little extra cash for yourself. As a general rule, if you haven’t worn it in 6 months, you should get rid of it. Having a capsule wardrobe helps keep things compact!

  1. Make it Practical

Make sure your closet is as practical as possible. You want to make it easy to access your clothes. I like putting things I use the most at eye level, and things I use the least higher up. Other things can go on a lower level. If there’s room, consider installing somewhere to hang all of your jewellery so you can see everything you have and accessorize easily.

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  1. Co-ordinate Your Clothes Hangers

It’s a really simple thing to do, but it makes a world of difference. Co-ordinate your clothes hangers so everything looks more uniformed in your wardrobe. Having mixed hangers just doesn’t look great, so invest in some sturdy matching hangers to make everything look perfect.

  1. Install Lights

You want to be able to see in your closet properly, so install some lights. You’ll be able to see everything clearer, and you can even get changed in there if there’s room – you’ll need a mirror too, of course.

  1. Decorate it

Why not treat your closet like a small room? Decorate it and it’ll look so much more chic. Consider painting it a nice color or using wallpaper to decorate it a little. You might not need to decorate it if you invest in one of the popular custom closets you see these days. A custom closet will make it so easy to organize your stuff as it’s tailored specifically to you. It all depends on your budget.

  1. Stack Your Shoes

If you have a lot of shoes, they can quickly get in the way. Stack them up by buying some square boxes and you’ll make the most of your vertical space rather than taking up too much floor space. You’ll be better prepared if you ever move home then, too!

Keep on top of the things in your closet and tidy things up as you go along. You’ll have a much better time in there, and you’ll find putting your outfits together a much nicer experience. If you have any tips on organizing your closet, feel free to leave a comment below with what’s worked for you. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again soon!

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