Log furniture can add an extra special element to your home. Many people love it because it fits well with the rustic aesthetic. The process of building it yourself is very simple. With a bit of luck, the information on this page will contain everything you need to know. We’ve even attached a priceless infographic for those who need more advice. What more could you want?

Create your design

There are many furniture templates online you might want to consider. However, you should only use them for inspiration. People who want the best results should create something original. Take a look at some of the items created by other people and see if you can adapt them.

Get the right tools

Building furniture yourself will mean you need to invest in the right tools. You’re going to need a saw, hammer, carpenter’s knife and measuring tape at the very least. You might also want to pick up some sandpaper and extra tools specific to your design.

Find a quiet working area

Building log furniture in your kitchen is never sensible. You are going to create a lot of mess during the process. Ideally, you should try to perform the work in your garage or shed. Presuming it’s not raining, your patio should be a suitable substitute.

With the tips on this page and the infographic below, we are confident you will design something amazing. Don’t worry if you don’t get things right on your first attempt. The materials are not expensive, so you can always try again.

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