If you’ve been wanting to change some bad habits for whatever reason, you’ve probably heard about some of the great methods for quitting bad habits. I’ve been through all of them (I think I’m through smoking now), and there are many out there that just work. However, the whole idea has always been that while quitting any habit was good, making good habits was even better. So how can one go about making good habits in a world full of good habits? Is it even possible? Well, I’m going to give you some tips on my own experience to try to shed some light on this.

It’s one thing to have a health goal when you’re trying to quit a bad habit, but having a health goal is useless if you don’t take the right action to reach it! Most of the methods I mentioned above will help you focus on your health goal while creating good healthy habits. For example, setting health goals is a great way to focus on eating right and staying healthy. However, if you’re not committed to changing your habits, nothing will happen. A big part of becoming a successful person is committing to change, so don’t expect to reach your health goal without some serious self-discipline.

Another method I recommend when creating good healthy habits for your life is to use the power of exercise. Even if you don’t thrive under a gym routine, I guarantee that at least a few times a week you’ll be feeling better if you dedicate time to creating your own fitness routine. By doing regular cardiovascular exercise, you can mentally escape your bad habits like overeating and laziness, which can both harm your body health and your physical appearance.

If you don’t already exercise regularly, it’s time to start! Starting an exercise routine can be intimidating for people new to it. Luckily, the trick to creating good healthy habits with exercise is to start gradually and build on a daily basis. Don’t just start running five times a week and then ignore your diet for the rest of the week. By creating small goals along the way, you’ll be able to enjoy the process of working out and eating right, because you won’t be overwhelmed by things like hunger and temptation!

The final tip I have for you in creating good healthy habits for your body is to stop listening to those temptations. We all have them: the TV, the food, caffeine, cigarettes… Why? Because these things don’t care about you as a person; they only care about themselves. Stop focusing on these things and start focusing on you – your health, your happiness, your dreams, and your future.

As you can see, it’s not as hard as you think it is to develop habits that are good for your body. The first step is to identify which of the tips we’ve given you is applicable to you. If you want to start exercising, a personal trainer is definitely a great resource; if you want to eat better, a dietitian is a great resource; if you want to create a more healthy lifestyle, a nutritionist will make sure your entire family gets on track. Regardless, of what you need help with, remember: you already have experts who can help. Just take advantage of their expertise in creating good healthy habits for you!