If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you will know by now that we’re more than just about what our name suggests – living rural. Living rural is a movement and the fact that we’ve gone rural ourselves is just an application of an underlying set of values and principles of life which we practice, which we’re going to zone-in on today, perhaps for the first time outright. So here are some secrets to success at anything that life has to offer:

The pursuit of happiness

Basically you need to have a goal in mind as far as your life in general goes. What are you working towards? Remember though that a goal is only a wish if you’re not working on it, so whether you want to own the house you live in, find yourself in a certain position career-wise, or whatever, you need to have something pushing you to wake up in the morning.

Learning to enjoy the journey

The road to achieving your goal, finding your happiness, is not a liner one. There will be lots of twists and turns and the reality is that you might never even achieve that goal, so learn to pause now and then, and enjoy some of the good elements of the journey towards achieving that goal.

Planning two-layers deep

Now, considering the first two secrets to success discussed, it becomes apparent that as you go along, things don’t quite work out as planned. Sometimes they do, but most times they don’t and other times they work out better than what you would have ever hoped for or anticipated, like not getting what you thought would be your dream job for instance and then going on to land a better one, in a totally different field, maybe.

In any case, the reality is that you have to make provision for the different possible outcomes and the best way to do so is just by planning two layers deep. What this means is that you plan for the outcome you desired, but also put into place a contingency plan for the outcome you may not have wanted, or one which you might not even have anticipated. You don’t have to break your head about every possible permutation – that’s impossible, even for the most powerful of computers out there. What you should do is just make sure you at least know what you can do in order to help improve any possible situation you might find yourself in around your pursuit of happiness and around your resolution to enjoy the journey there as well.

To make a very basic example, if you’re a cyclist then you should know which bicycle accident attorney in Kent to contact in the case that you might find yourself involved in an accident and you need to file a claim. It’s not something that’s nice to have to think about, because ordinarily you have only positive intentions when it comes to pursuing your cycling interest, but it’s a more than necessary consideration.