Rural living is challenging in its own right, but invigorating, too. After all, you have to build up a support system around your property to ensure that, should something go wrong, you have all the supplies you need to get you through.

What are you supposed to do, though, if the foundation of your home starts to leak?

The good news is that no matter where you are, professional foundation repair contractors will be able to help you restore your home. Where, though, do you start?

What Causes a Foundation Leak?

It often feels like your foundation starts to leak for no reason at all. This, however, is not the case. Most foundation leaks form after weeks or months of exposure to extreme stress. Hydrostatic pressure, specifically, is a kind of pressure that builds up outside of your home when you’ve taken on heavy rain. This pressure erodes the materials making up your foundation while also causing those materials to rapidly change in temperature. To try and compensate for the changes in temperature, your foundation will expand and contract. If this happens too many times, cracks will start to form.

That said, large trees can also have a negative impact on your foundation’s stability. If you’ve planted trees with invasive root systems near your home, those roots may start to break through your foundation in their search for groundwater.

Signs to Look Out For

Foundation leaks and basement leaks are going to look similar to the untrained eye. However, foundation leaks tend to have the biggest impact on the structural supports inside of your home. Watch for signs such as mold and mildew, which thrive in warm and damp environments. Detecting a musty odour could be indicative of such issues. Foundation leaks have the potential to seep into your walls and carpet, creating an environment conducive to mold outbreaks. In such situations, seeking the expertise of Mold Remediation experts can be a wise decision. These professionals can assess the situation, implement necessary remediation measures, and help mitigate the impact on your home. With that in mind, you’re going to want to keep an eye on your internal supports for signs of damage. The most common signs of a foundation leak that you’ll find inside of your home include:

● Bowing walls

● Shifting floors

● Gaps at the joints of your foundation

● Sticking doors

● Foggy windows

● Water-damaged belongings or furniture

● Mold

Consequences of Neglecting a Leak

Some homeowners may hope that ignoring a leak will make it vanish, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. When any type of leak is discovered in the foundation, it’s crucial to seek help from experts like Augusta Concrete Co or a similar reputable company for the necessary repairs. Failing to do so can lead to long-lasting issues.

In case you ignore the problem, although the signs of a leak might temporarily fade away, especially if the weather dries up, but the crack in your foundation will persist. If you delay addressing a foundation leak for an extended period, you might end up facing:

● Vertical cracks in your walls

● A cracked chimney

● Cracks running horizontally across your foundation

● Home sinking

Fixing a Foundation Leak

Once you’ve determined whether or not your foundation is leaking, it’s time to fix it up. Some of the most common foundation repair solutions include:

● Piering

● Underpinning

● Leveling and slabjacking

● Sealing

● Subfloor drainage

Reaching Out for Professional Guidance

If you’re concerned about saving money, or if you’re looking to save time, you may consider trying to fix up your foundation yourself. While this is a good idea, in theory, you may actually end up causing more harm than good. Projects like building underpinning and foundations work require specific education and experience to successfully fix a foundation. Without those credentials, you could not only make your leak worse but rack up a higher bill with the professional you do eventually have to call.

When in doubt, ask for guidance. The foundation repair professionals working in your area will be able to provide you with a free inspection and quote, after which you’ll be able to select the foundation repair solution that suits your home best.

Above all else, don’t wait. Take back your home ASAP with a personalized foundation repair solution.