It’s no secret that the cosmetic surgery industry has always been booming. From Brazilian bum lifts to rhinoplasty’s, Botox and facelifts, it’s an incredibly popular yet controversial industry.

The widespread growth of social media has ever increased the desire and boom of cosmetic surgery with a growing trend for perfecting a certain look.

It is reported that plastic surgeons are experiencing a 30% rise in the number of clients interested in cosmetic surgery through social media, highlighting the major effect Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are having on the cosmetics industry.

There are many reasons why social media has become such an important asset to the world of cosmetics, and we’re going to explore them below.

A Culture of Selfies

There is no escaping the selfie-obsessed world we live in. Everyone is always taking pictures of themselves and wanting to look their best. That being said, taking constant pictures of ourselves is a constant reminder of what we look like and the camera isn’t always flattering.

Plastic surgery is experiencing this with the figures above. A growing number of individuals are embracing plastic surgery as a means to enhance their self-esteem and address aspects of their appearance that they may have once been dissatisfied with. Procedures like facelift and other aesthetic treatments have become increasingly popular nowadays. This trend allows people to tap into the advantages of such cosmetic surgeries to rejuvenate their looks and bolster their confidence.

Apps that Have an Impact

We all know about filters and photo editing apps but these can have a real impact on the cosmetic surgery industry.

Many men and women will edit photos of themselves until they are happy with how they look. This may include decreasing the size of the nose, ridding of wrinkles or increasing lip size.

However the trend goes much further than just making edits on an app, many will want to create this look in real life and opt to have surgery based on their edit.

This process of changing your appearance is a great way for people to see what they like and if they do decide to have a cosmetic procedure, it will give them a good base to go from.

Impact on the Surgeons

There is no hiding on social media and for plastic surgeons, these apps can be a great advertisement for their business.

From before and after pictures to positive reviews, social media has taken word of mouth digital. You can instantly find the answers to many of your surgery-related questions, for example, the cost of breast augmentation Denver Colorado way, or how long recovery is. Social media allows these questions to be answered in one place. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., have made it easy for everyone to assess a service by reading reviews and comments. So it is just a matter of time before plastic surgery enthusiasts find the top plastic surgeons in Denver and make an informed decision about availing the services or not!

There still needs to be a lot of research when an individual I deciding who they want to go ahead with but social media makes independent reviews that much easier to find. It also gives a good insight into customer service, which is always good to know.

Dr Nina Naidu is a leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in New York, America. She has a wealth of experience and knows first-hand the positive impact social media is having on the cosmetic surgery industry.

As social media continues to grow, it is only expected that its impact on the cosmetics industry will too continue to rise.

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