So today we have a great case study which falls in line with what we’re all about here at Rural Living – the net effect of applying the principles of minimising one’s impact on the environment with their lifestyle choices. We feature the story of how consumers benefit from the sourcing and buying of local services, which can naturally be extended to the purchasing of local products, of course.

Responsible Pest Control Services

Responsible Pest Control Services is based in Arizona and as the name suggests, they specialise in pest control done responsibly. Now there are so many reasons why this is the perfect example of how advantageous sourcing and buying locally can be to consumers, the first of which we’ll explore being that of the pricing working out cheaper.

Cheaper prices

For the most part it’s impractical to house a factory right in the middle of a specific residential area because of issues such as pollution and noise, but if that was indeed possible then if that factory sells its manufactured goods directly to the local market, naturally those goods will be cheaper than the would-be retail price. Even if sales aren’t made directly, but are rather offered by stockists located within the town, there are less overhead costs added to the final product such as transportation (fuel) and all the associated road-taxes, etc.

It gets that much easier if it’s a service provided servicing a specific locale and the locals don’t have to leave town to enjoy those services. The prices are cheaper. It is indeed a lot cheaper to call in local experts RPCS to come and remove your pests in Arizona for example, even working out cheaper than perhaps ordering pest control products online and trying to do it yourself.

Minimal environmental impact

When housing a factory in the neighbourhood which its products and service consumed as well becomes practical then you know that the goods are produced ethically with minimal impact to the environment, largely due to the fact that the producers themselves likely live in that very environment and so they don’t want to compromise the quality of their own surroundings.

That’s definitely the case with RPCS – their solutions are provided while the integrity of the environment is maintained at the same time.

Targeted solutions

As consumers these days we’re often made to settle for mediocre quality in the products and services we buy, with solutions not quite delivering to our satisfaction. For the most part things just aren’t quite what they used to be, quality-wise, unless the perfect supply-chain storm is created, as is the case with our featured Arizona pest control company. These guys simply know how to do pest control, particularly with regards to removing scorpions and that’s because of their location in the very area where pests like scorpions are a problem.

They basically have endless access to the pests they’re constantly developing and improving solutions for the removal of, so it’s like having a never-ending conveyor belt of lab subjects with which to develop the solutions.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying to a consumer as using a product or service which simply does what it promises and gets the job done well!

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