If you’ve ever moved out to the country from the city, it can come as something of a culture shock. The lack of sirens, the quiet of the night-time, and the empty roads will all make you wonder why over half of the global population chooses to live in cities.

However, once the long, cold and dark nights of winter approach, many will start to feel a little cut off from the entertainment of the big city. But with the news that rural communities may soon feel the benefits of superfast broadband, you’ll be able to get in on the big city action without having to leave your new idyllic rural hideaway.

Films and TV



Thankfully, we’ve moved beyond the point where rural communities suffer bad TV reception. And due to a range of streaming services, we can all now enjoy a huge range of films and television series at just the click of a button.

There are many sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime that provide a subscription service where users can instantly access a variety of media. And with most of these sites offering a free 30 day trial, it’s easy to give it a go and see if it’s right for you.

Playing games



And similarly, the new technologies have meant that you can now play a vast selection of games against somebody halfway across the world. Games such as Destiny take full advantage of next gen consoles to deliver amazing graphics and a highly enjoyable multiplayer option.

For those who seek gaming with a little more of a grown-up twist, the Europalace website provides a treasure trove of casino games. With dozens of roulette, poker and blackjack games to play, Europalace also offers a great range of slot games that all benefit from the latest graphics, sound and provide massive bonuses too. The site also offers a handy welcome bonus for all newcomers which will provide you with the first steps in turning your funky little cottage into a glamorous casino establishment.

Getting social


Whilst most of us will be familiar with the phenomenal rise of social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter that allow us to stay in touch with our distant friends and relatives, there are other social applications that can also help us feel a little less alone on those dark country nights.

Video chatting is a great and, more importantly, free way to chat face to face with a friend. Applications like Skype and Facetime provide the strangely futuristic feeling of talking to somebody on your phone.

And with the services costing little more than a landline rental, it’s a brilliant way to feel connected once more.

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