I think the first thing that struck me when I moved out of the city into a rural home was how old-fashioned and out of style it looked. Certainly, the place had a quaint little character of its own but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the peace of the countryside while also living in a modern, stylish home. It took me some time to figure out how to collide these two concepts but eventually I managed it. I looked at each room in my home and decided the best way to improve it. The best part was that it ended up costing me a lot less than you would perhaps imagine.


The first thing I thought about was how to accessorize my home. As silly as it sounds I thought about my house as a brand new outfit. Then I thought about the little things that would bring out the colour and style already there. This oftentimes includes doing some carpentry work or a paint job, for which I could’ve relied on a handyman near me in Raleigh (or in a somewhat closer location) to get it done well. This house did not need that much accessorizing, so instead I started by sprucing up the windows with some small decorations. I added a couple of vases of flowers and some smaller ornaments. As well as this, I hung some lights around the curtain hook. These are switched on in the evening and look terrific, even in the summer months.

The next thing I noticed were that the walls of many of the rooms were looking a little bare. I went shopping online for some classical art prints and bought the likes of Van Gogh. I now have a print of one of his most famous pieces hanging up over my fireplace. It goes quite spectacularly with the rest of the room, and I do feel my living room would look empty without it.

Space Saving

When I moved to the country, I was leaving a small apartment for a large rural home. Unbelievably, once I had unpacked everything the house was still looking cramped and cluttered. I soon discovered this had nothing to do with how many things I owned but how much of it was out on display. The bathroom, in particular, looked overrun with belongings. But, then I found a vanity cabinet sold by Bella Bathrooms. It fit in perfectly with my room and was a stylish accessory to store everything I needed.

In other rooms like the bedroom, I bought a couple boxes that now fit snugly under my bed. These are easy to assemble and keep all my books neat and out of site. The room looks a lot better now.

Lighting Upgrades

I quite liked some of the fixtures in the rooms of my new home. For instance, there’s a truly stunning chandelier that hangs over the dining room table that I would never part with. But in other areas the fixtures looked out of date and out of place. I decided to replace them with modern designs, and this only cost a couple of hundred. These bring a whole new look to the rooms they are in.

Once I was finished with the improvements, my home looked modern and stylish. It was a modern haven and the perfect rural home.


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