Here Are My Thoughts On The Challenges Of Running A Rural Home

Living in a rural setting gives me plenty of challenges. Without a doubt, the benefits of living a rural life definitely outweigh the extra work it brings. A city life may be about efficiency and ease of use, but a country life brings the slower pace needed to get things done. You really can’t beat an open fire on a cold winter’s evening. Although, keeping the fireplace clean is quite a lot of hard work!

The smoke from the fire also seems to cling to everything. I find I have to wash the curtains more often to keep them smelling fresh. Some people living in city centres or along the main road have the same problem. For me, I have the smell of wood smoke to contend with. For them, it’s dust and dirt particles from traffic fumes. I know which I would prefer!


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I’ve learned that fabric sofas do kind of soak up the smell of the smoke a little, but that can all be part of the charm of country living. I wouldn’t give up a roaring open fire for anything because of how cheap and how practical they are. I can choose to have the wood seasoned and delivered, or I can get an axe to a log. Choices for heating in a city are definitely restricted.

Cleaning the fire out takes a few minutes each time. Yes, it’s a little messy, but it needs doing to ensure the fireplace is safe and effective. It does mean the carpets need to be cleaned a little more often of course. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional carpet cleaners out there who can do a very good job.

I don’t have the same amount of work cleaning up after my pets as those in the city might have. With so much outdoor space, I definitely don’t need to worry about cat litter trays! I love going out for walks with the dog, but they are running around outside most of the time. Of course, there are plenty of animals that I do have to take care of. I just wouldn’t have that opportunity in the city. I love that I can have them in my life.

My home is larger than a city centre apartment. I guess that means I have more dusting to do! To have all the extra space, and no neighbour or traffic noise is worth it though. It probably doesn’t need doing as much as some city places either thanks to the lack of traffic. I’ll have more decorating to do but my decor choices aren’t nearly as fussy or involved here as they might have been in a trendy city pad.

Cooking is such a pleasure out here in the country. I have more space and storage in the kitchen, and the choices of fresh food available are better too. This is one of the parts of running my home that I love the best. And there’s rarely a rush to get a meal prepared and eaten either. No indigestion here! So there you have it. I’m not saying life is harder here at all, but it is a completely different home to run, and I love it.

Useful Storage Solutions for your Country House

If you’re an owner of a country house, the last thing you’ll want is for its beautiful, rural aesthetic to be ruined by mess caused by you or your family. At the same time, investing in modern storage boxes can be just as problematic, as the newer designs won’t match up with your home’s interior. There are options for you to try though which can make the most of what you’ve already got in your home, without ruining the look. To find out what these are, be sure to read on and find out more.


Fantastic Ideas for a Nature-themed Kid’s Room

If you have kids who love the countryside, the outdoors doesn’t have to stay there. Most children are fascinated by all the things they can find outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s butterflies or bits of moss. If yours loves nature, you can use their passion to inspire the design for their bedroom. There are so many fun ways you can bring the outdoors inside. You can use these techniques to create a nature-inspired room for your little explorer. Read on for inspiration for a bedroom celebrating the nature your child loves.

Nature Motifs

Start by thinking about introducing some great nature motifs. You don’t have to paint an intricate mural to bring the outdoors inside. There are lots of ways you can add animals and plants to the bedroom. Look for wall stickers with butterflies, birds and other plants and animals to put on the walls. Pick some natural colours for the walls and hang some artwork that celebrates nature. You can include fun images on bedding, curtains and other items too.

Camping Beds

If you want to have fun with the bedroom furniture, you can find unique beds for boys and girls. Camping beds doesn’t mean fold-out frames you can use in a tent. Instead, you can get a bed that’s shaped like a tent, caravan or even a treehouse. Your little one will love hunkering down in their fun bed for the night. They can pretend they’re sleeping under the stars. And you can even cover the side of the bed for extra excitement. Plus, the bed can double up as a play area during the day. They can stretch their imagination and play pretend.


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Hang a Canopy

You don’t have to buy a new bed to get a camping effect. Another idea is to hang up a canopy so that they feel like they’re sleeping in a tent. You can attach a bar or some hooks to the ceiling with a length of fabric draped over it. You could even hang up a mosquito net or similar netted material. It would create a brilliant effect for a budding explorer.

Starry Night

It’s wonderful to look up at the night’s sky and observe the stars. If your child’s room doesn’t have a skylight, then think of the next best thing. No one says the stars have to be real. You could paint the ceiling or add some glow in the dark stickers. Another idea is to buy a light that projects the stars or perhaps the planets onto the ceiling.

Bring in Some Plants

Of course, nature doesn’t have to be just in pictures. You could add some potted or hanging plants to the room too. Make sure they can’t be easily knocked over or make a mess. You can get your child involved in keeping them fed and watered to feed their love for nature.

It’s easy to encourage your child’s passion for the outdoors. If they prefer the seaside to the country, you could make an ocean-themed room instead.


Five Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget

No one likes a dirty looking bathroom. Even if it is not as bad as it looks, it still looks bad, and that will not do. The problem with renovating or decorating is the cost. Adding new furniture or accessories to your bathroom to brighten it up is not going to be cheap, regardless of where you shop. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. It just means you need to take a different path, the road less travelled that is also a less expensive!


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Give It A Facelift

If you have a certain budget, paint is your best friend. Paint is incredibly flexible and makes the dull look exciting again in a matter of minutes. The problem most people make is going with revolution over evolution. Revolution is good, but it is expensive and time consuming. Paint will have the effect that you want, and it will take an afternoon at the most. You don’t even have to paint the walls, just paint the cabinets and accessories.

Fix The Issues

When showers and drainage systems need fixing, you have to accept that is going to cost you a lot of cash. It requires experts and experts do not come cheap. But, a lot of bathroom issues are small and painless, you are just too lazy to repair them! If you have broken tiles or the shower rail is hanging off, get your tool box and consult the DIY manual. Before you know it, the bathroom will look as good as new.

Shop Around

Prices fluctuate depending on what outlet you shop at, so shopping looking around for a bargain could save you a fortune. Okay, maybe not a fortune, but enough to warrant the extra time on the high street. Another great tip is to use competitors against one another. Find a good deal, whether online on in the store and tell their competitors. Just to get your business, they might offer you a better price.

Exploit Deals

A lot of companies will have deals to entice you into the store. For some reason, people view them as if they are a trick. They are not a trick, but a simple promotion to increase business sales. Find the best deals around and purchase your upgrades from that company to save money. if you don’t know what constitutes a good deal, unique bathroom vanities with free shipping or corner sinks with ten percent off are the epitome.

Tidy Up

And that doesn’t mean go over the surfaces with a wet cloth. It means give your bathroom a deep clean every once in a while. Dirt, grime, and clutter will make your bathroom look a lot dirtier than it is, so keep on top of the cleaning. It only takes a few cleaning products and a bit of elbow grease to get your bathroom sparkling again. Or, you can spare ten minutes a day and maintain it that way.

Now, your bathroom can look the part while you save up for your perfect upgrades.