Here at Living Rural, we’re no stranger to big life decisions. We left our hectic city lives with our heart’s set on country living. We moved away from our city apartment and switched it for a lovely country home. It’s a big choice and a major lifestyle change! But, you’ll be pleased you made the move. We haven’t looked back since! If you’re thinking of moving out of the city and into the countryside, here are a few things to look for in your new home.

Price – First of all, it’s time to get excited. One quick look at the countryside property listings and you’ll be amazed how far your money goes. House prices are very different in rural areas, and you get a whole lot more square footage. If you’re used a to a typical one-bedroom apartment in the city, you’re in for a real treat! Your new rural property will be much larger than anything you’re used to.

Location – Choosing the right area of countryside to settle down in is tricky. Your options are limitless here, but it’s important to choose wisely. Rural living varies between small towns and villages to really rural with no shops or amenities in sight! Think about how far you want to remove yourself from civilisation. If you still need to get into the city now and then, look for good transport links and a local network. Community is crucial too. Look for small towns with a community spirit.

Kitchen – Finally, you can have your dream farmhouse kitchen! No more small, narrow city kitchens and functional styling. Out in the country, the space is yours to command. Rural houses take pride in their big kitchens and rustic themes. You could even find a home with a large breakfast island to serve the kids. A big family kitchen makes all the difference to your lifestyle and enjoyment.

Character – The best thing about rural houses is their charm and character. Each one is individual with quaint details and rustic features. It’s a world away from the modern, simplistic and functional styling of city living. The house itself could be built from old stone with picturesque touches. The kitchen could be laced with rustic wooden beams and traditional features. It’s a joy to live in a home that has its unique personality.

Garden and space – Finally, a country house offers you the space and greenery you’ve always craved. Your money will go a lot further in the countryside, so a home with a garden is easily affordable. It’s a perfect move if you’ve got children who love to play outside. You can sit out on the patio on a warm summer’s evening, and the dogs can run around to their heart’s content. Away from the house, you might find rolling hills and more space than you could dream off.

Make the move to the city and you’ll never look back. You’ll get much more for your money and give the family more space to grow. Find your dream home in the country and you’ll forget about your hectic city life! Good luck!

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