The national average for a daily commute to and from work is almost half an hour each way. That is unless you live in or near a major city where your commute time could climb to two hours to work and two hours home again. To make the most out of your commute, there are several things that you can do. One of them is to invest in an electric hybrid bike from a site such as This will not only provide you with a daily exercise routine that you might otherwise be struggling to fit into your working day but will also greatly benefit the environment. Of course, some people just live too far out and have no other option but to drive to work. All isn’t lost while you’re stuck in the car during this time. One of the least ideal things about long commutes is fuel consumption. Idling burns a ton of gas and recent, energy-efficient car models that utilize alternative fuels or electric power under a certain speed could save you a fortune on gas costs incurred for commuting purposes. Check out a list of the best, fuel-efficient cars on the market right now at

There are always ways to make the most of the time spent in your car during your commute. Of course, you’ll want to keep your attention on the road. But, if you find yourself sitting still, a few minutes of mindful meditation might be in order. Studies show that just a tiny bit of meditation daily can go a long way to reduce stress levels and increase coping mechanisms.

You can also opt to try other routes to get where you’re going. There are apps out there and some built-in GPS devices that utilize real-time information to propose routes. While a route might be longer in length, it could present time savings versus sitting still in traffic. You might even try taking a more scenic route to work rather than the interstate or busy highway. There is bound to be less traffic and you’ll get a spiritual lift from stopping to smell the roses.

Another great way to make the most of your commute is to find a ride-sharing partner or car pool. Having company could make the time go by faster. And, switching out cars every couple of days could reduce the wear and tear on your own vehicle from sitting in traffic.

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