Looking after your skin in the 30s is important, and it also should be part of your life plan. When I was young, I used to wear my mother’s old makeup. The foundation she used was so thick that it looked like porcelain, and I still have some of that from when I was young. I remember one Christmas when we celebrated my birthday, and I had to get up very early in the morning so that I could treat myself to a new look. I was told that my skin was too oily for me to use the makeup, and so my mother bought me another new makeup for the birthday. Looking after your skin in the 30s is very similar, and it will help keep you looking youthful for a longer period of time.

Your skin will suffer from the natural effects of aging if you don’t take care of it properly. You need to protect your skin from the sun, not just from direct sunlight but from the rays that may spread around in the room as well. This means using a good quality sunscreen every single day, even when you’re not going out. Many women tend to forget about their skin when they are concentrating on their daily skincare routine, but this is a big mistake. Your skin needs protection just as much when you are working outside in the sunshine as when you are sitting at home.

The same principle applies when it comes to protecting your skin in the 30s. If you put on your makeup before you go out into the elements, or use an under eye cream before you go out then your face might be overly moisturised. It is when you remove the makeup that the damage to your skin will begin to take its toll. You can counteract this damage with moisturiser, but only if you follow a routine. Many women don’t bother, but the result is usually a dry, cracked face by the end of the day.

There is no need for you to just slap moisturisers on your face every time you go out. You need to find a routine that suits you, one that fits around your lifestyle and not against it. If you smoke, then it is obvious that the smoking has taken a toll on your skin, and this is why it is a really smart idea to quit. Smoking can actually age you faster than anything else so you want to do everything in your power to avoid it. If you cannot quit then make sure you do as much as you can to keep it away, and moisturisers are a good place to start.

Some people think that exfoliating is an unnecessary step, and this is simply not true. Although this can be done in the shower or bath, it’s actually best done in the evening so that you can get a healthy glow before going to sleep. Exfoliating removes dead cells which can clog pores and interfere with the absorption of your favourite products. Once you have exfoliated, your routine should include regular moisturising. It is also very important that you use a good quality moisturiser because this will help to keep the skin looking beautiful and smooth.

One final tip that will help you look after your skin in a more effective and efficient way is to follow up any moisturisers with zinc oxide or titanium oxide make-up. These make-up solutions shield against damaging UV rays which can be dangerous if they hit your face at any time during the day. Also, make sure that you only buy moisturisers from well-known brands that are not likely to contain any harmful chemicals. If you want to stay away from synthetic ingredients then you should read the ingredients labels. There is nothing worse for you than discovering that your favourite skincare product contains parabens or dioxane, and both these are known to cause cancer.