LifeVantage Protandim Dual Synergizer: NRF 1 & NRF2

Protandim Synergizers fight aging occurring on the cells of the body. They help boost mitochondrial production all while reducing oxidative stress, which can result in diseases. These products can mend and revitalize detrimental cells.

Protandim products also help improve the quality of sleep. They also turn on natural antioxidant production by activating NRF2 protein the body needs. This also promotes higher energy levels that can result in enhanced daily performance.

AXIO Regular

AXIO utilizes an intelligent mix of ingredients to give you continuous energy, improved concentration and enhances focus. The proprietary blend of ingredients includes:

DMAE Bitartrate- Improves attention span and supports normal nervous system and brain functions. Promotes alertness eliminating the occurrence of ‘jitters.’ DMAE will improve your learning ability and focus.

Green Tea Extract– Gives you a natural energy lift because it is an organic source of caffeine.

Monterey Pine Extract- This active ingredient is noted for a being an effective remedy for colds, arthritis, headaches, high blood pressure, influenza, and inflammation.

L-Theanine- Also called “Suntheanine”, this ingredient aids in promoting constant energy levels without excess stimulation.

Quercetin Dihydrate This ingredient is acknowledged for its antioxidant function and the way it improves the protection of cells.

AXIO also comes in two flavored extracts; Green Grape and Dragon Fruit.


The PhysIQ System is comprised of four products that are designed to work together. They are:

PhysIQ Fat Burn
PhysIQ Cleanse
PhysIQ Protein
PhysIQ Probio

By taking these products together, you will notice an immediate energy boost. Plus, you’ll have a viable internal weight management system. These products support optimal digestion and improve your immune system. PhysIQ combines an exercise program and a balanced diet system not only to educate but to help you achieve your weight loss or management goals.


TrueScience is a life-changing skincare system that dramatically reduces the signs of aging. TrueScience also offers a product called “Micro-Lift Serum.” The system which is comprised of:

Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser- This is “Step 1” of the system. Perfecting Lotion- This is “Step 2” of the system. Eye Corrector Serum- This is “Step 3” of the system. Anti-Aging Cream- This is “Step 4” of the system.

All of these products can also be purchased individually.

These products can really improve the quality of your everyday life. Whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to improve your physical appearance, you may want to try these products. Here’s to your health and good looks.

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