Modern interior designs which were considered new and revolutionary a couple of years ago are not necessarily on trend now, and can look out of place in a rural home. Classic interior trends have long been popular because they embrace the style, form and function needed for modern living while standing the test of time.


Here interior design specialists Baytree Interiors share their advice on the big trends to consider in for your home this summer.

Pastels and muted colours are king!

With literally thousands of paint colours to choose from and with many outlets now offering bespoke colour-matching pigments, it’s never been harder to choose the right paint for your home. It’s important to remember that whatever colour you choose will inevitably be there for a long time, so choose wisely. While the options can be overwhelming, seeking professional help from expert painters can streamline the selection process. Their insights and knowledge can guide you toward a choice that not only resonates with your personal style but also harmonizes with your living space for the long term.

Forget this year’s on trend colours, they look great for a while but tend to look dated quickly. Instead choose simple colours for the majority of the room, adding a touch of bright colour to highlight key areas and create focal points within the room; these bright colours can be changed more frequently to fit your mood without having to paint the whole room.

Pastel colours are great for moving away from the clinical look of white and will not overpower the room with colour. For rural setting, why not bring the outside in by using earthy colours such as muted greens, browns and blues.


Classic country furniture has long been a popular choice in the home, and this trend is set to continue as people find new ways of repurposing old furniture to meet the needs of modern living. In fact, upscaling has become so popular that there is now a huge range of specialist furniture paint available in an array of vibrant colours.

Mixing furniture colours will also be a big trend this summer, as people move away from set colour schemes to create various focal points throughout the home. We have also seen Noir furniture become popular again in the bedroom as home owners create luxurious spaces in which to relax and unwind.

Mix and match furniture styles to create a seamless theme into any room; antique and modern furniture styles can create a great look, while incorporating industrial fixtures and fittings into the home is perfect for rural settings.

Technology in the home

Technology is advances at a fast rate, and we will see an uptake in smart home systems this summer as people look to integrate technology to make life that little bit easier. Controlling your heating and lights with your smartphone is becoming the norm, but as technology evolves we will see a new wave of smart systems such as fingerprint door locks, integrated home entertainment systems and wireless audio systems becoming popular. If you’re looking to improve your home entertainment system to a modern and high-quality alternative, then it could be advantageous to look at websites similar to as one example. These systems could take your party hosting to the next level!

Although classic interior designs are still a popular choice, designers and inventors will utilise technological advances to create innovative products to build the perfect home for modern living.

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