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Many of us decide city living isn’t for us, and we move away to the countryside. However, sometimes it’s important to keep a little bit of the city with us. You need to think about ways to make your country home a little more modern and contemporary. There are plenty of ways you can do this while still keeping the place intrinsically rural.

Upgrade the Doors and Windows

It’s a great idea to have a little splash of contemporary mixed up with your old-school rural home. And one of the ways to do this that’s not very intrusive is to upgrade the doors and windows. You can go around the home and look at replacing all the windows and doors with modern equivalents.

For instance, you might decide to go for a metal front door and double glazed windows. The great thing with double glazing is it’s available in different designs and materials. So you should have no problem finding the perfect type to complement your home.

Make the Kitchen Open Plan

One of the great things about living in the country is that you can make the interior of your home have that country feel. A lot of people like to have that farmhouse feel to their country homes. And, in fact, modernising your kitchen will complement this nicely.

You see, one of the best things to do with regards to this is to make your kitchen open plan. It may well be already, but if it’s not you need to prioritise this. By making the room into an open plan design, it becomes more functional and practical. It also lends itself to the rustic feel because it will make the kitchen much larger.

Stay Green!

There’s no doubt that green living is an enormous part of country life. But, these days many people in the big cities are going green as well. It’s become a modern, popular part of daily living. So you will no doubt have eco-friendly measures in place as it is. But, there are quite a few modern ones you could use as well.

For example, you might want to consider putting solar panels on the home. These are an excellent source of green living, and they save you money. Solar panels look modern and trendy, and you can get different designs to suit your home. You could also stop using a traditional fireplace and transition to one of the many Electric Fireplaces From RFC Services or similar brands available today. This not only is less polluting and conserves energy, but you also get to regulate the temperature of your home.

Hardwood Floors

If you have a house in the country, there’s a good bet you’re going to use plenty of wood already. So you could well have wooden floors throughout the home. If you haven’t, then you should take steps to get hardwood floors installed as soon as you can. The great thing about wooden floors is they look fantastic and they’re completely low-maintenance.

Hardwood floors seem to simultaneously be able to convey both a rustic and modern appeal. This is perhaps why they are so popular. Make sure you get wooden floors laid through the property, and you’ll certainly notice the difference.

Of course, the reason you’ve chosen to live in the countryside is because you like what it has to offer. But it doesn’t hurt to introduce a few modern elements into proceedings. And, in fact, a mixture of rural and urban aesthetic can make your home look great.

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