Many rural homes are older than city buildings, which means that they can be a little colder. After a long day at work, you don’t want to come home to a freezing house, but to a warm and inviting haven.

It might be a little harder making your rural home feel warm and inviting, but it is possible. To help you give your home a boost of coziness and comfort, we have put together a few tips that should help:


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Quilts and throws

Around your home, place lots of cozy throws and quilts. When it comes to choosing the designs, make sure to opt for throws that match the style of the room that they will go in. Fold them over sofas and armchairs, place them in baskets, and pop them in cupboards, ready to be used when it gets a little chilly. Don’t forget to pop a thick quilt at the bottom of your bed to ensure that should the temperature drop during the night, you’re covered.

Simply by popping a few stylish throws and quilts around your home, you can make each room feel a lot cozier and more comfortable. This year, faux fur throws are very in, and look fantastic in almost every home, but even more so in rural properties. If you are in need of a couple of new blankets, a faux fur throw or two, could be ideal as they are both warm and stylish.

Rugs and floor runners

During colder periods, especially in a home with wooden or stone floors, it can get very chilly. There’s nothing worse than rolling out of bed, heading to the kitchen, to make a coffee, only to find that your feet freeze.

To keep your feet nice and warm, pop a few floor runners and area rugs around the house. This will not only keep your feet nice and toasty, but it will also make your home feel much warmer and cozier. Plus, by opting for sophisticated designs, you can give your home an extra boost of style. If you want to flex your creative muscle, you could look at making one yourself, and check out wool for rug hooking to make your home the style you envisioned.

Warming smells

Believe it or not, the smell of your home plays a big part in how warm and inviting it feels. Whether you have cupcakes baking in the oven or scented candles filling your living room with warming smells, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as your home is filled with lots of lovely warming scents.

Pop a couple of candles on your living room coffee table and allow the warming scent to fill the room. Place reed diffusers on shelves around your home, in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Use some long lasting melts in your bedroom as well for those calming and comforting aromas to fill the room.

If certain areas of your home are lacking furniture to place candles and reed diffusers on, mix up where each piece of furniture is located in your home. Or, consider investing in a couple of new pieces – for affordable prices, look out for a home furnishings sale. You can always get some fantastic deals and discounts at these types of sales.

Cushions and comfortable seating

On a cold day, there’s nothing nice than getting in the door and cuddling up on a comfortable sofa or armchair. If your home is lacking a sofa, think about investing in one. As well as getting a new couch or armchair, consider investing in some new sofa cushions to make your lounge even more comfortable.

If you want to make your rural home as comfortable and cozy as possible, take note of the ideas, above. Pop throws around the house, add rugs to the floors, and make your home smell lovely and warming.

Cozy-up the bathrooms too

Because of the water-proofing element naturally associated with most bathroom designs, rural home bathrooms in particular are notoriously resigned to being accepted as some of the coldest rooms in the house. It’s not just the cold floor- and wall-tiles, but perhaps the characteristic echo takes a lot of coziness away as well.

Adding a shower often does the trick if your bathroom doesn’t already have one, otherwise an old-style shower which likely features a shower curtain can be redesigned to make better use of the convection heat flowing through the hot water pipes. Figuring out how to design and build the perfect shower room starts with the positioning of the shower compartment, followed by the addition of design elements that retain heat and ensure you minimize contact with the rest of the bathroom’s cold surfaces. Anti-slip bathroom rugs will do to keep your feet from touching the cold floor, otherwise partially-enclosed glass shower compartments will help to heat up the rest of the bathroom by allowing some steam to escape and fill the entire volume of the bathroom.

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