Home design techniques will never become an out dated owing to the size of most households. Most households are small in size as compared to the amount of stuff that comes in. In such a situation, lack of proper organization of households can lead to clutter. The size of most households, if not well organized, cannot accommodate most of the basic stuffs that people bring in. In most cases, amount of stuffs coming in exceeds the amount of the same going out.

This means that if rooms are not properly organized and stocked with furniture that is space saving, clutter will remain to be a common problem in these households. As a home owner, you need to reduce the amount of objects and properties you own and stock your room with specially designed small space furniture. Space saving furniture ideas like stacking chairs or folding tables for example is what should revolve in your mind when stoking your room with furniture.



Home storage solutions


Based on my long term experience of finding extra storage space for customers, I have developed a five- part plan that can effectively help to declutter your home by solving your storage and organisation problems. The following five organisation steps have proved to solve clutter issues;


Multiply your multipurpose room


This involves stocking your room with furniture that will help you create multipurpose rooms. Some of these furniture were designed many years ago when living spaces were small. For example, the drop leaf table. This is a classic convertible table is a free standing furniture piece that is designed to attach to the wall. It takes little space while in its dormant mode. When its leaves are extended, the living room becomes a dining room.


A drop front desk is another important furniture that you can add to your living room. This furniture will create an excellent small office room that can be closed up easily any time when the room is needed for other uses. There is also a wall mounted front desk that can fold up to small and inconspicuous cupboard. Think of an ironing board cabinet that can be recessed into a wall and takes no space when not in use and can quickly fold down when needed. If you’re thinking you’re needing any other furniture that could improve office space, then looking at suppliers such as office monster and others can convert your multipurpose room into one that’s perfect for conducting your work business.


Closet makeover


This entails designing your closet to help you pack more of personal effects and clothing. The closet is designed in such a way that it creates two tiers instead of one as in the standard closet. The standard closet wastes a lot of valuable space that could otherwise be utilised. People need space in their closet for storing their clothes, shoes, sweater, t-shirts among others. The companies that deal with making of closet do charge a small amount to reconfigure your close in order to much your space need. Elsewhere you can makeover yourself closet using standard closet poles that are sold in any building outlet.


Finding or building smart furniture


This involves building or buying furniture that are multipurpose, Furniture that can be used for different purposes at different times. Stoking you room with this kind of furniture will help you minimizes cluttering your room with so many unnecessary items that just take your space. Consider buying a couch that can be used as bed such as the futon couch. Buy convertible furniture such as the drop leaf table that can be folded out when not in use. Good storage furniture can be made from a bed that is well framed and equipped with drawers underneath that can be used to store off season clothes and blankets. Additionally you can consider buying under bed boxes that slide in or roll out. Do not just buy a bench but buy that which can serve as a storage medium. Look for a bench that has enclosed base and sealed hinge seat that can be used to store several items. At the same time you should not only aim for the storage value only but also go for good looking furniture with all this features. A good example is that of a coffee table that has a storage base and a very cherry top.


Ditch the clutter


You need not to use your valuable storage space with stuffs that you do not use on regular basis. Avoid cluttering closet, cabinet and shelves with items that have intermittent or rare use. This problem can be solved by separating your dust collector into several partitions and pack your staffs in the order of use. Another way of decluttering your room is by selling stuffs that you do not use and bring in more deserving items within easy reach.


Adopting wall storage ideas


This involves making the empty walls more useful. Making bare walls is important in making more storage capacity. There are four different wall storage ideas that can be achieved at low cost. Consider building consider installing heavy duty steel shelves in your unoccupied walls. Construct second hand cabinet. These cabinets are good in that they make first class storage furniture in hall ways, sheds, garages and basement. Installing peg tracks and hooks in wall to help store your stuffs is also a measure of decluttering your room. Lastly, you also install mantelpiece shelves. This type of shelves will make your wall look more beautiful while providing extra storage space at the same time.

The bottom line of having a good spacious room, is installing your room with furniture that are of multipurpose use. Decluttering your room will create an efficient home design at all time. Buy furniture that are space saving and make your room is a double duty one. The above discussed steps if adopted will automatically make your room to look well organised and spacious.

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