If there is one known food allergy that is common in both children and adults it has got to be an egg allergy. People of all ages can have this allergy. If a doctor has already confirmed to you that you or your loved one has such an allergy, you need to get anything containing eggs off your list of choice foods.


Some people can be allergic to egg whites but not to the yolk. If you aren’t allergic to the yolk you still shouldn’t eat eggs. This is because there is still a high risk that cross contamination may have occurred between both egg parts.

That said, any changes that you have to make your diet have to be approved by a doctor.

People who are allergic to eggs can be allergic to the yolk or the egg white. In some cases, one can be allergic to both parts.

Just what happens during an allergic egg reaction?

During this time, one’s immune system fights all the protein that’s contained in the egg whites and does not deem them safe. When this happens, the body gets a message to release specific antibodies to combat the proteins and make them “neutral”. The antibodies that are released by the body cause the cells found in soft tissues to release histamine which is a natural chemical on one’s body. A combination of histamine and other bodily chemicals are the ones that cause the body to get inflamed which therefore presents itself as allergic symptoms on the outside.

Which foods should you avoid now that you are allergic to egg whites?

The surest way to manage a reaction to egg whites is to totally avoid anything that includes eggs. A few of the foods that make this list include egg noodles, egg nog, cakes, foods that are cream based, breaded foods, ice cream, waffles, frosting, doughnuts, pudding, custard, pretzels, tartar sauce and soufflés.

As a person who knows they have an allergy to egg whites you also need to be extra sensitive to the ingredients in the foods you purchase. Ingredients to look out for include ovmucin, albumin, phosvitin, livetin and globulin.

So, what should you eat?

Obviously your diet should include foods that have zero egg by product content. Ideal choices are veggies, fruits and whole grains.

As mentioned before, it’s paramount that you double check the list of ingredients to make sure that none mention eggs or related by products. If you are unsure what the list of ingredients really is, always ask for more information. Another great option is to make what you eat from the comfort of your own home.

If you are allergic to egg whites and accidentally consume eggs you will most certainly suffer an allergic reaction. A major complication is suffering anaphylactic shock. This usually happens when the body produces too much histamine that subsequently causes your body to go into that state of shock.

You need to call 999 if you notice any of these symptoms. Dizziness, feeling light-headed, hives, the face swelling up and if you have a hard time breathing.

If the allergic reaction is way too severe it may need a more serious medical intervention to manage. This usually includes getting injected with epinephrine which helps to neutralize any symptom that threatens one’s life.


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