‘Should I build my home’? That is the question that a lot of buyers are looking to ask themselves in 2015. Building you’re a home used to be a pipedream, but it is now a distinct reality and one that has a lot of advantages. Forget about the dramatic and intense feeling of joy when you complete the project and focus on the long list of benefits that could change your life. Do you think I’m over exaggerating?


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It’s a solid investment

It is a solid investment especially if you don’t need to borrow money from a bank or another alternative. Investing in a house is the first step to securing financial stability, even in this day and age where the economy and house market are still not stable. Even though they fluctuate, at some point in time you will be able to sell your home for a tidy profit. If you have paid for it outright, that profit will be far higher.

New homes offer more

In general, new build homes have 700 square feet more than older homes. But, because you control how big your home is, that can be exacerbated if you build it yourself. You can also decide what kind of accessories and perks you want to include, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of negotiating or adding them after you have purchased your property. If you build your home, it is exactly how you want it, and that is the definition of a perfect home.

Attractive interest rates

If you do need to borrow though, now is a good time. To encourage spending, interest rates are low and worth considering. If you want to build your home, you could easily have the money at hand to realise your dream.

Lower Material Costs

Material costs are on the decline, and that means that building a home can be cheaper than buying one. You will need to find a builder of custom homes, and that will be costly, but you can cut back on these costs by saving on the materials. It applies to materials throughout the building process so the money you save could be incredibly significant if you shop around for the best deals.

Financial Advantages

You negotiate almost everything to do with your new build house, and that can have more financial benefits. When you buy from an estate agent, you always incur prices and taxes that are impossible to ignore, such as markups. Homeowners and home sellers are looking to make as much money from the deal as possible, and that makes it very costly to buy a home. Not to mention the fact there are tonnes of people trying to get in on the deal. But, when you deal with the suppliers, the builders and the people necessary to the completion of your house, you can cut out the middlemen.

If building your home has always been something you want to achieve, the above are just four excuses.

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