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Let’s face it. The state of our home is directly linked to our happiness. That is why so many people try to improve theirs. They think if they can fix their home their mind will be sorted too. This is not always the case. But we can run with that idea for the moment. Your home may need some improvement. Nothing big. Just small things that can make a huge difference. For instance, before you start reading this article look around. Is your house even tidy? A tidy house means a tidy mind, so they say. We suggest this as your starting point and then have a look at the improvements below.

New Water Storage System

There are a number of reasons you should consider this. One, the population is growing, and a water storage system will be something everyone needs in the future. It may sound crazy but what you hear is true. In the not too distant future water will be as rare and expensive as oil. Two, clean water is the best kind for you and your family. Water that has chemicals added to it has been linked to everything from bad skin to low IQ. Three, having a separate water source will reduce your bills. You can find fantastic systems from businesses such as The Tank Factory. If you live in a rural area with a hot climate, you may want to consider buying a rainwater tank.

Better Insulation

Another energy saver this one. If you have poor insulation your house will be colder and the heat already inside will escape. You can look into getting windows with extra glazing or improving your walls. Windows are easier and cheaper to replace than fixing your house’s entire insulation. But there are simpler things you can do. Keep doors shut to keep the heat in.

Home Farming

Try the simple life by using your backyard as a place to grow some vegetables. Growing your food is a great hobby or pastime. But there is another advantage. You will know exactly what you and your family are eating. Remember, farmers regularly use chemicals on the crops you buy. Scientists are still researching whether these are harmful to our health.


The classic option. This will not make your family healthier, but it will make your home beautiful. Renovating a room usually costs around five thousand. But it does depend on how intensive the renovation is. If you are just buying new tech, it will be far more affordable. But if you are redoing the floors and furniture, expect a substantial bill.

Solar Power

Finally, what would this list be without a way to go greener? The world is changing faster than you can imagine. You need to be prepared with a resource of keeping your house in power. But please note, solar power is not strong enough to run everything in your house. Even on a sunny day you will be reliant on other sources of energy. But it will certainly put a dent in that large bill you receive.

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