If living the rural life has always been a dream of yours, now could be the time to make it a reality. After all, life in the country could be just the change in pace you are looking for. Adapting to rural living takes a little while, but you can adopt the lifestyle easily. There are few things you may need to do first.

Finding the cash to move out of the city isn’t always easy. Some people sell everything they have to make their dream come true. Others buy rural-based businesses and work hard to keep their country dream alive. Sometimes, all it takes is a few months of frugal living to be able to afford the move.

Moving to a rural location often requires taking on an old property for your home. Doing it up needs to be factored into the costs of your move. Rural villages are often difficult to reach, especially in bad weather. If you need a substantial amount of work, consider how the lorries for the contractors will access your property.


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Of course, you may be buying land to make your rural dream come true. If you use a custom home builder, you can create the property of your dreams. This can even work out cheaper than buying a cottage or old farm house. You won’t have to worry about the ongoing maintenance costs of an aged property. And new buildings are often very environmentally friendly. This could save you a fortune on your energy bills.

For many people moving to the country it means giving up a job, and a career. If you are financially secure, this might not be a problem. Fortunately, many people can work from home. Commuting back to the city might be too difficult or too unpleasant to contemplate. Instead, take advantage of online working. Many rural areas now have access to high-speed internet connections and good mobile phone reception.


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Adopting the rural lifestyle is another challenge when you first arrive in the country. The area is often pitch black at night. There may be no street lights and only a small community of people in the area. Footpaths off the road may be non-existent too. Instead, walking is done in waterproof boots, with a torch! It will be much quieter than you are used to. This can make you hyper aware of every little sound in the night, but you’ll soon get used to it.

You might choose to live off your land a little too. Growing your own fruit and veg is highly rewarding, but physically demanding. Perhaps you fancy keeping a few chickens for fresh eggs? Animals require regular veterinary care and medication to stay healthy. This can be expensive. Keeping your property clean can also be a lot of hard work when things get muddy outside.


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A life in the country can be very rewarding. It may seem more simple than city living and office jobs. But in reality, there is a lot of work to be done to live well. When you’re ready to take on rural life, live it to the max.


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