Trust me; life out in the sticks can be brutal if you’ve come from city life. The transition from townhouse to country house is one it took me a while to adjust to. There is a lot that you might take for granted when you move out to the countryside. And this can land you in metaphorical hot water at a later date.

So, here is a list of some of the essentials I think you’ll need when you’re living out in the sticks. Many of these will seem obvious, but trust me, they are very important. These are vital to making your life in the country smoother and more enjoyable. Make sure you prioritise these things to ease the transition.


Whatever you do, your first task has got to be getting an SUV. I don’t care how much you like your thrifty little city hatchback! You’re in the country now, and you need the right car. The fact of the matter is that little hatchbacks, and even some sedans, are just not cut out for country living. So, you need to make sure you have a car that’s basically a monster on wheels! You’re going to need to negotiate difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions a lot now. And you’ll probably have to do your fair share of pulling. So make sure you have a large, powerful vehicle like a Range Rover to do it with.

Automatic Gates

Being out in the sticks is great for picturesque views, and peace and quiet. But it can be a nightmare for practical things. For instance, you might have a long driveway. It’s going to be a pain running down to open the gate every time you want to get out. So, nip this problem in the bud by going for automated gates instead. This way you won’t even have to leave your vehicle to get out of the property. In the bleak mid-winter when you have to leave the house at 6 am in the pitch black you can just open the gate with the click of a button.

Phone Line

Something that is an absolute essential when you live in rural areas is a phone line. Forget a mobile phone. Sure, you’re going to have one; we all do these days. But, when you’re in the country you’re going to encounter reception issues. There’s no way around it, unfortunately. It’s just one of the absolutes of living in the back of beyond. So, that’s why it’s essential to have a working phone line. Then you can stay connected and keep in touch with people. You needn’t worry about reception problems with a landline phone.


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Your transition to country life will no doubt be a slow one. And you will probably miss a lot of the creature comforts you were used to having at home. But trust me, eventually you’ll grow to love it. Moving out here was the best decision we made. And if you can keep these essentials in mind you’ll grow to love it even quicker!


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