No, this is not the leaked script of the sequel to a countryside thriller — it’s merely a recollection of a rather reinforcing experience that made me certain we have indeed made the right decision with our lives, that being to move away from the constant buzz of the city and live out our lives in a rural setting.

So yeah, forget London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds or any other city which is closer to home. For about just over a month we took an international trip all the way to the city of angels in the United States — Los Angeles. We’d rented our farm out for that entire time, leaving it in the capable hands of an agri-tourism company which was to host a few youngsters over the holidays. This was also in line with our suffering a bit from “jungle fever,” which is to rural migrants what cabin fever is to mainlanders who’ve made their move to live out their lives on an island.

For all that it has to offer, such as being able to take your pick from a nice range of different moving companies in LA and being able to use public transport until the wee hours of the morning, getting this taste of city life once again for a relatively prolonged period only served to reinforce the reasons behind us escaping to the country in the first place. City life comes with a plethora of on-tap conveniences which one undoubtedly has to give up if you want to make your life in a more rural setting, but it’s always nice to have the choice because everybody does indeed have their preferences.

You’re limited by way of choices of cheap movers for example if you live in the countryside, but then again if your heart and mind are fully set on living rural, you’ll only really ever have to call and the likes a few times in your life as the moves you make assume the form of more permanent ones, particularly the bigger moves.

So anyway, cities by their very design are just made for convenience and the fact that everybody is always in a hurry speaks to their very nature, that being how they’re designed for the hustle. Nobody really moves to the city as the ideal location to start a big family for example, although many people find themselves living there as a result of their economic circumstances. Not to say city living is cheap — it’s anything but, however that’s probably where you’re likely to be close to various schools for the kids, close to a mall or two for all the family shopping and just close to all the amenities you could ever want.

Our return to the rural countryside was that much more appreciated however as we took in our first breaths of the oh so fresh country air and dare I say I even missed the smell of the nearby river, which for many people who come over to visit is a bit too offensive to the nose.

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