Living in the city can be noisy and sometimes stressful. A great deal of city workers opt to move to the country later in life to escape the stress and noise associated with living in urban areas. Some people see the countryside as a perfect place to either raise their children, or to retire. For those considering relocating, remember that thanks to many things including increased public transport routes and technological advancements. Rural living isn’t as isolated as people once thought.

A popular choice for people moving to more rural areas is that they tire of the busy atmosphere of living in the city. Some people just want to live in a more relaxing environment which has been made much easier thanks to the arrival of the internet and phone networks in countryside villages. Finding somewhere like the houses that can be found here on St Johns Island, means you always have access to nature and the beautiful scenic landscapes that come with living somewhere more rural.


Technology allows more people than ever the chance to keep in touch with people across the world. There are a multitude of free video-calling services such as Skype and Facebook. The internet allows users to get access to all of the latest news, even if there is no shop or newspaper delivery service in the local area.

More people rely on their mobile phones for internet access as well as communication. The majority of larger sites are mobile and desktop friendly, with gaming resources like Fortune Palace proving that the best way to learn roulette is to practice for fun with their great guide to online gaming sites that can be easily enjoyed no matter where you are.

This article from back in May claims that only 56% of websites were mobile-friendly, which means they are optimised for mobile devices.This is apparently due to small, local businesses not seeing a benefit to making their website responsive.

Other useful technology that will assist with your shift from city to country life is satellite navigation or sat-nav. Such technologies can be incredibly useful if you are trying to drive around an unknown area. Google and Apple Maps offers a similar feature for free which could potentially stop you getting lost down some country roads.


Relocating to the country is an exciting step. It’s an opportunity to escape the stresses of work and truly relax when you’re at home.

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