For a home in a rural location you need to select the correct style of interior decor to complement the property. Designs and styles that are too contemporary will look out of place. The English country look is perfect for rural properties and can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways.


English country decor


This style of interior design is generally characterised by a multitude of floral patterns. The colours used in these designs often include shades of green, blue and pink, with large areas of cream. These very traditional colour styles will look outstanding if used in the right way. This type of decor is influenced by the styles of classic country houses and farm cottages, where rooms looked lived in and cosy, but still had a formal edge to them. Such a timeless style will give your home a warm, cosy and friendly look.


The perfect rural style


English country decor is the quintessential rural look and would be the perfect style to choose for your country home. It can look casual but at the same time can have a grandness and formal nature, so you would feel comfortable whoever visits your home. This design brings a certain charm to the house that gives it a feeling of warmth and welcome.


Creating an English country look


If you want to recreate this look in your home then it is achieved through your choice of furniture and accessories. By bringing all the correct elements together perfectly it will give your home an English country theme and enhance the inviting feel of the place.


Floral patterns are an integral part of English country style and can be used across a variety of the elements. Wallpaper is often chosen over paint for this style of home and the floral design gives the rooms a cosy atmosphere. If you have a dado rail then opting for wallpaper on the top section and then a pale shade of paint below will enhance the look.


The floral wallpaper can be combined with more flowery designs on the fabric sofas without it looking too overpowering. Traditional furniture will enhance the theme, such as formal armchairs and tables, etc. of dark woods. Window dressings can include floral curtains in long heavy styles or alternatively you could fit modern shutters in a style that complements the furniture.


Accessories are also an important feature of this style and you should not be afraid of adding more. English country rooms generally have many items on display rather than opting for the minimal look of many contemporary homes. This includes patterned china, glassware, family portraits, traditional landscape images and rugs. There should also be plenty of soft furnishings with cushions in floral patterns or complementing colours across chairs and beds.


Adding elements over time will help to enhance the beauty of your English country style. The features you include will add depth and create the perfect rural home.

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