country-style-home-decor-ideas-1[1]It is fun decorating a country home and there are several country home décor styles. Three different home décor styles are discussed in this article.

#1: Rustic Country

The rustic country style, also referred to as the American country style, makes use of a simplistic approach. Typically, furniture with straight lines is used and frills and fuss are avoided. To bring about an older appearance, wood is often distressed. “Shabby chic” is a popular as well as a contemporary version of this style. Some may look to have Custom Plantation Shutters installed to bring this style into their homes.

Further, Americana accents and symbols are used as accessories for this décor style. The American flag, barn animals or eagles and stars, old country sayings, and fruit and vegetables can be appropriately used within this theme. The window shades are generally white but may have a navy blue or red stenciled or stamped border to match the theme of the home.

#2: Country Cottage

This style is more formal and is also referred to as the English country style. The walls are painted using bright colors and the windows and tables are covered with heavily patterned fabrics having floral designs. Window treatments often include ornamental antler rods or a curtain rod that has been creatively carved out of a branch.

To complement this traditional look, homeowners often opt for high-quality window options, such as those from an Edmonton plastic windows company and other similar ones, which protect from weather and conserve energy while seamlessly integrating with the classic design elements of this decor style.

Ornate furniture with bold patterns and in colors such as red, green, pink, and sometimes purple are made use of as part of country cottage décor style. Several pillows with ornate trim, covered with fabrics having mixed floral patterns printed on them, are often used. Other things that are used include doilies, metal picture frames, mirrors, and bold floral arrangements.

#3: French Country

The colors used as part of French country include dark greens, deep reds (wine red, crimson, etc.), and touches of navy blue. Sometimes, eggplant and goldenrod yellow colors are also used. Typically, two main colors along with one accent color are made use of in this home décor style.

The walls are painted white or using neutral colors to create a balance with other bold colors used as part of the décor. Window coverings are provided with tasseled pullbacks or very ornate brass curtain rods. Typically, the curtains extend up to the floor and may even puddle up.

Further, furniture made of distressed wood (as in the case of rustic country style) with eclectic design is generally used. To make this style a little more formal, the furniture may be kept heavy and colored in dark shades. Glass is used as an accessory with vintage furniture pieces.

A varnished wood floor goes well with the country style. However, wood grain is appropriate for all styles. Rugs, an inexpensive option, may be used to accessorize any of the rooms. All the home décor styles discussed in this article bring the feel of another time. Whatever your taste, one of these designs will catch your attention.

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