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Add Some Style To Your Country Home With These Little Design Ideas

You have just bought a beautiful new home in the countryside. A stunning, cosy cottage with flowers growing up the outside, white brick walls and a little wooden gate that welcomes you. The outside of your home looks gorgeous with some wonderful ornaments in your front garden and a perfectly trimmed, green lawn. There is no doubt about it, this the place you want to be. You may have even unpacked your belongings and set them up around your new home. But, something is missing from the interior of your new house. It needs a little improvement, some extra style. We have got some tips on just how you can do this by accessorizing your home.

Spruce Up The Windows

Perhaps your new rural home is in the middle of nowhere, and not many people will be walking by. But, you still want your house to look the best when you pull up outside after a long day of work. One of the simplest ways to do this is by sprucing up the windows. This improves the inside and outside of the room. For the downstairs rooms, you can try adding a vase of flowers or some candles to the window sill. These are not to be lit and merely for display purposes. Upstairs, you could consider winding a line of wired lights around the curtain hanger. Switch them on at night and your home will be a sight to behold, even in the dark.

Welcome Home


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You may have a small alcove when you enter your home before you step inside completely. This is the perfect place for a “welcome mat.” These traditional accessories are perfect for adding some character to your house and making it feel like a home. They come in all different sizes, and it does not even have to be a mat. You can buy an amusing wooden piece that fits over the door that says “wipe your paws.” You may also want to consider adding one or two ornaments to your alcove to make it appear more friendly.

Decorating The Tables

A simple thing to fix in your home is adding a little something to a bare table top. You can do this easily by having a look at some stylish tablecloths online. After purchasing one, you may also want to purchase a centerpiece, like a vase or candle, particularly for your main table in the dining room.

Adding Colour To The Walls

The easiest way of decorating the walls in your home is to add a couple pictures and portraits. You may want to choose a couple classic prints from an artist like Picasso or opt for more modern designs. The classic prints will go with a more traditionally decorated home and will add class to each of your rooms. But, modern prints will look terrific in a house designed for the here and now.

Or, if art is not your thing, and you have kids you could hang up their latest school achievements on the walls. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and if your house is still not feeling like your new home, it may be the perfect choice.

Finally, failing that why not frame some snaps from your latest family holiday and put them sparingly around your house.

Using these ideas, we are sure your new country house will look stylish and feel like home.

Make Your Rural Home Innovative With These Funky Tips


It is not just the big cities that should have all the fun. We suburban folk should also be able to flex our muscles from time to time. We are not sheep because we can set trends too! All we need is a bit of inspiration and a few tricks of the trade to make that happen. Here are a few of those tricks and tips that should transform your rural home into a modern masterpiece.

Buy Well

It sounds obvious, mainly because it is, but you need to buy quality equipment. Using suppliers like Accuride with quality equipment is a must. If you choose poorly, the odds are against you making your home innovative or creative. The main factor to get right is to buy innovative fixtures and fitting. You cannot always go with your gut feeling because it might not be the style or tone you are looking to employ. Always ask yourself does it fit the style you are looking to implement. If it doesn’t, it isn’t a good purchase.

Trust Your Gut

Once you have a good idea of what you want, you can start to trust your instinct. After all, you are not the same as everyone else, and there are a lot of choices. It is important that you implement some of your personality into your choices. That is the most innovative part of interior design. The best way to do it is to go with what you like.

Make Your Own

There is nothing more personal than creating your styles and trends. The fact that they are unique and exclusive makes them innovative and remarkably creative. Let’s face it; you won’t find them in any other home across the country regardless of where you live. A lot of people like to use their hobbies as a way of stamping their authority on their home. For example, if they are a painter or an artist they like to create a new drawing or painting to hang up. Plus, you can make it as contemporary as you like because you control the style and tone.

Talk To A Pro

You don’t have to do it by yourself because there are pros who will help you achieve your goals. Some companies and contractors deal with niches within industries, and they do it to a very high standard. For example, there are plenty of interior designs who deal solely with innovation. As well, there is a variety of conventional interior designers. Take advantage of them if you cannot do it yourself because you will only make it worse.

Do Your Research

All of the above need a bit of research before you pull the trigger, barring trusting your gut. Treat your research with the respect it deserves because it can make all the difference in the end. Making purchases too soon could turn your house into an innovative home, but not the masterpiece you are looking for.

So, if you do fancy turning your rural home into a contemporary work of art, these are five good ways to make it happen.

Working Away? Here Are My Top Tips For Managing Your Rural Home Remotely

Lots of people with homes in the countryside often have to work in the city during the week. For some, work can take them anywhere around the world. It’s nice to retreat to a home in the country where you can find peace and quiet in your own surroundings. So just how easy is it to work away and still manage a country home?

If you are spending weeks or even months away from your house at a time, it’s important to consider security and safety. While you are away, the weather could be quite bad. It’s a good idea to check the roof and windows before you leave. You want to feel confident that your home is weather proof in your absence.

If you are away for a longer period, you might want to consider renting out your home. Many people who work for the military find they are moving around with their job. Often you will be offered a choice of furnished apartment rentals relevant to your role. This means you won’t be needing your home for a while so you could have your home earn you some money in your absence. An estate agent or realtor could advise you further.

If you are renting your home out, you may want to put some of your personal possessions into storage. This could be within the house, or at a secure facility away from your home. Even if you’re not away, some of your items may benefit from being packaged away carefully. Dust can build up quickly in empty properties. It will save you a lot of cleaning on your return if everything is covered and put away.


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Managing your overheads while you are away can prove difficult. Direct debits and standing orders can ensure that your utility bills and taxes continue to be paid in your absence. You may want to set up a redirect for the mail. Alternatively, why not hire a property manager to check your property periodically and keep things running on your behalf?

If you have land that you manage around your country home, it can quickly become overgrown if nobody tends to it in your absence. Offering your neighbors or the community school an allotment there will help keep things running. If you have livestock, you will want a person you know and trust to look after them. You may need to hire some qualified personnel to look after things instead.

Renting out your home means the property is occupied and looked after in your absence. It can also generate income. Some of this income may need to go on property management and maintenance, but there should still be plenty left over. Short term tenancy agreements help to ensure your property is vacant again when you are ready to move back home.

It would be a shame to have to sell a rural home that you love just because your work takes you away from it. Managing your house remotely is possible with the right help. Speak to a local agent about your options so you can work away with peace of mind.

Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Although we are smack bang in the middle of summer right now, the weather can turn quickly. Before you know it, winter will be upon us, and you will be wondering whether or not your home is ready for the harsh climate that season can bring. If you live rurally, things can become even more complicated because a heavy snowfall can cut you off from society. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do to ensure your home is ready for winter.

Check Your Insulation

If you have poor insulation within the rooms of your home, you will spend a fortune on heating your house this winter. Typically, you can feel a room is colder than it should be. Or, you can check the windows. If they are wet on the inside or your walls near the window feel damp, the room is poorly insulated. You can fix this by installing new windows in your home and perhaps considering upgrading to double or triple glazing. This number determines how many pieces of glass separate you from outside and has the added advantage of reducing noise.

Make The Repairs

There are other repairs you can make to your home rather than just improving the insulation. In fact, many people tend to put off making repairs to their home until it is too late. The problem is during winter the weather often will not allow you the right circumstances to fix your home. That is why you should act now, getting all those little jobs done before the weather turns for the worst.

Sort Out Your Heating

We have already talked about insulating your home, but you should also think about regulating your heating. That means only heating the rooms in your house that you need to be heated to save on bills. Also, you can ensure that the inside of your home is kept at the optimum temperature. You can do this using Academy Air residential equipment. The company offers a hi-tech thermostat that will allow you to alter the temperature of your home with ease.

Prepare For The Worst

If you are living in the country, you do not know how bad winter will be or how long it will last. That is why it is always best to be prepared. Power cuts are common during winter with snow affecting power lines. That is why it is best to ensure that you have a good supply of candles and matches. You can also think about buying an alternate power source such as a backup generator. However, most people tend to survive without an expensive piece of equipment like this.

You should also be thinking about food and medicine, in case you get snowed in. Stock up on food by filling your cupboards and freezer. Make sure that if anyone in your family needs medicine you have a good quantity of it inside the house in case of an emergency.

Once you have taken all this into account, you can enjoy the rest of summer knowing you are already prepared for winter.




Here Are My Thoughts On The Challenges Of Running A Rural Home

Living in a rural setting gives me plenty of challenges. Without a doubt, the benefits of living a rural life definitely outweigh the extra work it brings. A city life may be about efficiency and ease of use, but a country life brings the slower pace needed to get things done. You really can’t beat an open fire on a cold winter’s evening. Although, keeping the fireplace clean is quite a lot of hard work!

The smoke from the fire also seems to cling to everything. I find I have to wash the curtains more often to keep them smelling fresh. Some people living in city centres or along the main road have the same problem. For me, I have the smell of wood smoke to contend with. For them, it’s dust and dirt particles from traffic fumes. I know which I would prefer!


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I’ve learned that fabric sofas do kind of soak up the smell of the smoke a little, but that can all be part of the charm of country living. I wouldn’t give up a roaring open fire for anything because of how cheap and how practical they are. I can choose to have the wood seasoned and delivered, or I can get an axe to a log. Choices for heating in a city are definitely restricted.

Cleaning the fire out takes a few minutes each time. Yes, it’s a little messy, but it needs doing to ensure the fireplace is safe and effective. It does mean the carpets need to be cleaned a little more often of course. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional carpet cleaners out there who can do a very good job.

I don’t have the same amount of work cleaning up after my pets as those in the city might have. With so much outdoor space, I definitely don’t need to worry about cat litter trays! I love going out for walks with the dog, but they are running around outside most of the time. Of course, there are plenty of animals that I do have to take care of. I just wouldn’t have that opportunity in the city. I love that I can have them in my life.

My home is larger than a city centre apartment. I guess that means I have more dusting to do! To have all the extra space, and no neighbour or traffic noise is worth it though. It probably doesn’t need doing as much as some city places either thanks to the lack of traffic. I’ll have more decorating to do but my decor choices aren’t nearly as fussy or involved here as they might have been in a trendy city pad.

Cooking is such a pleasure out here in the country. I have more space and storage in the kitchen, and the choices of fresh food available are better too. This is one of the parts of running my home that I love the best. And there’s rarely a rush to get a meal prepared and eaten either. No indigestion here! So there you have it. I’m not saying life is harder here at all, but it is a completely different home to run, and I love it.

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