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My Horse is My World, and This is How I Take Care of It

Many people like walking the dog in the countryside. I prefer riding my horse! As a horse owner, I know how intense and time-consuming it can be. But I also understand the importance of taking the time to be the best possible owner. I feel like if I’m not looking after my horse properly then I have no business owning one. It was a dream of mine for so long that I don’t want to waste that by being a bad owner.

So, I feel it’s essential that I look after my horse as much as I can. Now, there are a lot of ways I can go about doing this. And I’m going to share just a few of them here with you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these to make yourself a better owner, and treat your horse the best you possibly can.

Treat it Well

The first and most important thing is to make sure you treat the horse well. This means keeping it fed and cleaned and rested as much as possible. It means you need to be careful when riding, and try to avoid using the crop. If you can prioritize treating the horse well, it’s going to have a big benefit. You will have a much happier and healthier horse to deal with. I like to make sure I am kind and considerate of my horse’s needs.

Take it to the Vet

It’s important to keep your horse healthy and at a physical peak. And the best way to ensure this is to take it to the vet on a regular basis. If there is something wrong with it, then take the horse immediately to the vet. If you ignore something or leave it then it could well make it worse. I would also recommend taking it for regular check-ups anyway. This is what I do, and it allows me to keep track of the health and condition of my horse. It also means that if there is anything wrong it will be found and treated right away.


It’s important to make sure you keep your horse safe when it’s being transported. Now, you may need to sort out transportation for your horse for a number of reasons. And when you do you’ve got to make sure you protect your horse as much as you can. So I would suggest taking the approach that I take, and that is to get a horse trailer or horse box for your steed to go in while in transit. This is a practical and sensible way to take care of your horse.


You also need to make sure you’re keeping the horse clean and well groomed. This is essential to its well-being and livelihood. That’s why there are certain people who are designated groomers. The job is an important and complex one. I always make sure I get my horse groomed as often as possible. This can be done down the stables by professional groomers. I like to make sure I go down to help as well.


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I love my horse and value it very highly. So I always make sure I go out of my way to look after it and treat it well. I figure that if I take the time to do this then I will develop a mutual respect with my horse, and it will look after me. It’s important that we both look out for one another as horse and owner. So, see if you can use my techniques to look after your horse as well.


Make a Fresh Start in the Great Outdoors Using My Wonderful Advice

I am a huge advocate of the rural way of life. Well, why wouldn’t I be? I live here! And I would recommend it to anybody. However, if you’re planning on relocating and moving out here, you’re going to need to take some of my advice. Here are some suggestions to help you make a fresh start in the country.


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Try it Out First

Making the decision to have a fresh start in the great outdoors is a big step. And it’s not a decision you should be making lightly. So, you need to prepare before you make any kind of definitive move. I would suggest trying out the country life first. So, take a holiday and go and live in the country for a few weeks. None of this hotel nonsense! Rent a home (or a cabin) and live as though it was your home. This will give you a good taste of the sorts of things you can expect from country life. That way, you’ll know whether you’re cut out for it or not.

Start Your Farm

What’s the best way to embrace country living? Starting your own farm! It’s like diving headfirst into nature’s lap and falling in love with the whole area all over again. I mean, imagine waking up to the sight of rolling hills and green pastures every day! The best part is, by getting into farming, you’ll connect with the land on a whole new level. You’ll be right there in the thick of things, observing local wildlife, and maybe even making some furry friends along the way. But of course, to get started on your farming journey, you’ll need the right tools and supplies. No worries, though! There’s a plethora of Farm Supplies out there, perfectly suited to your needs. Just get your hands on the most appropriate ones, and get started!

Make Sure There’s Plenty to Do

When you move anywhere one of the big considerations should be activities. This simply means making sure there is plenty to do. As a country dweller myself I know that there is a lot to do in the out here. It’s often just a case of finding it. Coming from the city you’ll be used to having everything in close proximity. Out here you may need to have a hunt around for a little while. But there is plenty to do. Just make sure the area you’re moving to has plenty to interest you.

Build an Eco-Home

Now, when you move to the countryside, you need to think about where you’re going to live. Many people like to buy pre-existing country homes. But a great option for you could be to build an eco-home. This will help you embrace green living and get the bespoke home you’ve always wanted. Make some enquiries and try to get a home builder on board. You might want to consider converting an old barn into an eco-home. This is quite a popular approach these days for many people.

No one said relocation to the great outdoors was going to be easy. You’re probably used to your city life, and your creature comforts. But, by following my tips you can adjust to life in the country fairly comfortably. Make sure you have an open mind, and you know what to expect going in. Then everything will work out fine.


Essentials I Think You’ll Need for Life Out in the Sticks

Trust me; life out in the sticks can be brutal if you’ve come from city life. The transition from townhouse to country house is one it took me a while to adjust to. There is a lot that you might take for granted when you move out to the countryside. And this can land you in metaphorical hot water at a later date.

So, here is a list of some of the essentials I think you’ll need when you’re living out in the sticks. Many of these will seem obvious, but trust me, they are very important. These are vital to making your life in the country smoother and more enjoyable. Make sure you prioritise these things to ease the transition.


Whatever you do, your first task has got to be getting an SUV. I don’t care how much you like your thrifty little city hatchback! You’re in the country now, and you need the right car. The fact of the matter is that little hatchbacks, and even some sedans, are just not cut out for country living. So, you need to make sure you have a car that’s basically a monster on wheels! You’re going to need to negotiate difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions a lot now. And you’ll probably have to do your fair share of pulling. So make sure you have a large, powerful vehicle like a Range Rover to do it with.

Automatic Gates

Living in a remote, picturesque area certainly offers serenity and breathtaking views, but it can present practical challenges. For instance, an extended driveway can be quite an inconvenience, especially when you have to trek down to manually open the gate every time you need to leave your property. However, you can tackle this issue head-on by opting for automated gates. Innovative solutions are out there now, as a company Texas Select Fencing builds driveway gates in Dallas and could export it to your rural location if need be. This not only enhances security but also brings unparalleled convenience to your daily routine. This way you won’t even have to leave your vehicle to get out of the property. Whether it’s the depths of winter or the pitch-black hours of early morning, you can effortlessly open your gate with the simple click of a button, eliminating the need to step out of your vehicle and making automated gates a hassle-free choice for exit.

Phone Line

Something that is an absolute essential when you live in rural areas is a phone line. Forget a mobile phone. Sure, you’re going to have one; we all do these days. But, when you’re in the country you’re going to encounter reception issues. There’s no way around it, unfortunately. It’s just one of the absolutes of living in the back of beyond. So, that’s why it’s essential to have a working phone line. Then you can stay connected and keep in touch with people. You needn’t worry about reception problems with a landline phone.


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Your transition to country life will no doubt be a slow one. And you will probably miss a lot of the creature comforts you were used to having at home. But trust me, eventually you’ll grow to love it. Moving out here was the best decision we made. And if you can keep these essentials in mind you’ll grow to love it even quicker!


Brilliant Tips That Will Prevent Damage To Your Rural Home

Moving to the countryside is one of the best choices you can make. You get the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the space that you cannot find in a big city or town. Still, moving to a rural area doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter any problems in the process. From the initial moving period right into the future, there are always annoying snags.



Not only are they annoying, but they are also incredibly dangerous. Some factors that you encounter in your rural home can cause lots of damages. To make sure they don’t stop you from living the dream, here is how to prevent your property from damage.

Buy The Right One

The first thing you can do is buy a property that negates any damage. On the face of it, that sounds like something that is impossible to quantify. However, a few simple observations will give you a better idea. For example, is the property on a slope? The experts at will tell you that a property on a slope is less likely to be damaged by a flood. The water simply flows down the slope away from your home. If the property is at the bottom of the slope, however, you are asking for trouble.

Fortify The Exterior

Weather conditions in the countryside are usually more severe than in built-up areas. For one thing, there are no buildings to block any of the weather. As a result, your home gets the short end of the stick and gets a battering, too! There is too much to can do to stop the weather, but you can negate its effects. Galvanising any metal on the outside of your home will prevent it from rusting and eroding. Painting the brickwork also acts as a cover. By making sure the exterior of the house is strong, you should be able to prevent damp from developing inside the house. However, if you start to notice signs of damp inside the house, you could consider contacting a company, like this Lake Havasu Water Damage Restoration company, to come to your property and evaluate the dampness found in your home. They can then help to restore the home, making it safer for you to live in.


Cover The Gaps

Take a good look at the outside of your home. Does it look secure? All homes look like they cover all the bases. But, a good inspection often uncovers potential weak areas. Properties tend to have small gaps that allow external elements inside. Not only can the weather get in and cause damage, like mould, so can the wildlife. Mice or rats will wreak havoc, and they are difficult to get rid of once they have nested.

Is Anyone Home?

It is not just the elements that will do damage. Your home might also be a target for burglars and thieves due to its location. Out in the countryside, there are fewer people to catch criminals at work. So, if a burglar comes to your home, and it looks empty, they will more than likely try their luck. By simply making it look as if someone is home all the time, leaving lights on etc., it will reduce the chance of a break in.

Alternatively, you could install anti-theft systems. Alarms are the obvious choice, and every home should have one regardless. More and more homeowners are also going with CCTV camera, too.


Check Out These Projects We Have on the Go Right Now

As we’ve recently moved, we still have a lot of projects that need working on. There are some that have been on hold for months and others that we haven’t even thought about yet. Here is a list of the main ones we currently have on the go.


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Unblocking Drains and Gutters

I mean, let’s be honest, these are the kinds of maintenance jobs you should be doing anyway. The drains and gutters need a lot of care and attention. It’s difficult to keep an eye on them all the time, but we try to as often as we can. When the weather is bad, it’s essential to check them regularly. The last thing anyone wants is for their drains and gutters to get blocked. This can lead to all sorts of problems such as flooding and burst pipes. We make sure one of us checks them out each week and gets rid of all the leaves and debris.

Clean the BBQ

Okay, so the summer might be on the way out, but there’s still plenty of barbecuing opportunities. We like to have cook outs quite a bit, and as such the barbecue needs cleaning a lot. But we have one of those huge grill types. So it requires quite a bit of work to sort out and get clean. At the moment, we are in the process of revamping it. We’re going to do a deep clean of every part of the BBQ. Then we’re thinking about repainting it too. The idea is to end up with something that looks almost as good as new in time for the next barbecue we host.

Build Garden Bench

We love our garden, and we enjoy spending time there when the weather is nice. It’s always good to have some extra seating space. So we’re in the process of building a garden bench at the moment. We’re using a combination of industrial adhesives and regular tools to get the best possible construction. We’re having a mini dispute about the colour at the moment, but I’m sure that will work itself out!

Rearrange the Bedroom

Not all of our projects are taking place outside though! We’re also in the process of rearranging the bedroom. This is something we’ve wanted to do ever since moving, but we’ve only just got around to it now. The aim is to try to generate a little bit more space so the room can be even more relaxing and functional. This is a weekend job, and we should be able to get it all done in one sitting.

Store Stuff in the Loft

Because we’ve recently moved, we still have quite a bit of stuff to unpack. I know that we’re not going to have room for everything in the house. So this means we’ll need to store some stuff up in the loft. And this is a project all of its own. We’re going to need to go through everything we still haven’t unpacked and decide what can go up in the loft. This will no doubt be the cause of some bickering! But I’m sure we will come to an arrangement that benefits everybody!

It seems like the list of jobs is never ending when you’re a homeowner. This is just a few of the priority projects we have on the go right now. And it seems whenever we get one thing done something else crops up. For now, we’re going to focus on these elements to try to get the property a little more organised. Wish us luck!