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Check Out These Projects We Have on the Go Right Now

As we’ve recently moved, we still have a lot of projects that need working on. There are some that have been on hold for months and others that we haven’t even thought about yet. Here is a list of the main ones we currently have on the go.


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Unblocking Drains and Gutters

I mean, let’s be honest, these are the kinds of maintenance jobs you should be doing anyway. The drains and gutters need a lot of care and attention. It’s difficult to keep an eye on them all the time, but we try to as often as we can. When the weather is bad, it’s essential to check them regularly. The last thing anyone wants is for their drains and gutters to get blocked. This can lead to all sorts of problems such as flooding and burst pipes. We make sure one of us checks them out each week and gets rid of all the leaves and debris.

Clean the BBQ

Okay, so the summer might be on the way out, but there’s still plenty of barbecuing opportunities. We like to have cook outs quite a bit, and as such the barbecue needs cleaning a lot. But we have one of those huge grill types. So it requires quite a bit of work to sort out and get clean. At the moment, we are in the process of revamping it. We’re going to do a deep clean of every part of the BBQ. Then we’re thinking about repainting it too. The idea is to end up with something that looks almost as good as new in time for the next barbecue we host.

Build Garden Bench

We love our garden, and we enjoy spending time there when the weather is nice. It’s always good to have some extra seating space. So we’re in the process of building a garden bench at the moment. We’re using a combination of industrial adhesives and regular tools to get the best possible construction. We’re having a mini dispute about the colour at the moment, but I’m sure that will work itself out!

Rearrange the Bedroom

Not all of our projects are taking place outside though! We’re also in the process of rearranging the bedroom. This is something we’ve wanted to do ever since moving, but we’ve only just got around to it now. The aim is to try to generate a little bit more space so the room can be even more relaxing and functional. This is a weekend job, and we should be able to get it all done in one sitting.

Store Stuff in the Loft

Because we’ve recently moved, we still have quite a bit of stuff to unpack. I know that we’re not going to have room for everything in the house. So this means we’ll need to store some stuff up in the loft. And this is a project all of its own. We’re going to need to go through everything we still haven’t unpacked and decide what can go up in the loft. This will no doubt be the cause of some bickering! But I’m sure we will come to an arrangement that benefits everybody!

It seems like the list of jobs is never ending when you’re a homeowner. This is just a few of the priority projects we have on the go right now. And it seems whenever we get one thing done something else crops up. For now, we’re going to focus on these elements to try to get the property a little more organised. Wish us luck!


Moving Out Of The City? Read This

So, you have finally decided to escape the urban nightmare and retreat to the simpler life, have you? Well then, we have good news because once you get used to it, you’re going to love it. It will take a little while to grow accustomed to living rurally, particularly if you are still working in the city. But once you get the hang of it you will find there is nowhere else you would rather be. However first, you need to find a great country home.

Finding The Place

If you haven’t found your perfect home in the countryside yet, now is the perfect time to start looking. The housing market is healthy and there are plenty of sites you can browse to find the right place for you. Real Hot Property is particularly great because their search system is so easy to use. They also list all the best deals, so you are sure to find a real bargain on a country home.

Once you find the right place for you, don’t waste time. Check it out and if you still love it, put down an offer. In no time at all, you will own your private country haven. Then, you just need to get used to living outside of the city.




If you are still working in the city, you’re in for a real treat, the morning commute. A lot of people hate this part of living in the country but it doesn’t have to be as bad as most people make it. First, the good thing about living outside the city is that there are always country roads tucked away you can use to get their faster. Second, you’ll most likely be travelling past some beautiful scenery on the way to work so why not enjoy it? And finally, there is really nothing you can do about traffic so there is no point getting worked up about it. Relax, put on some tunes and feel assured that you’ll get to work as soon as you can. If you are a little late, just leave earlier the next morning.


Another hard part of living outside the city is that you are isolated from the rest of the world. We have all seen the films that portray people living in country towns as crazy and weird. Our personal favourite is Funny Farm with Chevy Chase, but that’s not how life is really. You’ll find there is always a next door neighbour willing to have a chat and people around who will help you in your time of need. Unlike living in the city, you will have become a part of a tight-knit community who will look after you.

Peace And Quiet

Finally, once you move from the city to the country the silence will hit you like a brick wall. There will be no traffic, no shouting and no nothing. All you will hear is the sound of birds chirping and a car pulling up as your partner comes in from work. It can be disconcerting at first, but soon you will love the peace and quiet that only living rurally can give you.


Fancy The Rural Life? Here’s How You Can Do It

If living the rural life has always been a dream of yours, now could be the time to make it a reality. After all, life in the country could be just the change in pace you are looking for. Adapting to rural living takes a little while, but you can adopt the lifestyle easily. There are few things you may need to do first.

Finding the cash to move out of the city isn’t always easy. Some people sell everything they have to make their dream come true. Others buy rural-based businesses and work hard to keep their country dream alive. Sometimes, all it takes is a few months of frugal living to be able to afford the move.

Moving to a rural location often requires taking on an old property for your home. Doing it up needs to be factored into the costs of your move. Rural villages are often difficult to reach, especially in bad weather. If you need a substantial amount of work, consider how the lorries for the contractors will access your property.


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Of course, you may be buying land to make your rural dream come true. If you use a custom home builder, you can create the property of your dreams. This can even work out cheaper than buying a cottage or old farm house. You won’t have to worry about the ongoing maintenance costs of an aged property. And new buildings are often very environmentally friendly. This could save you a fortune on your energy bills.

For many people moving to the country it means giving up a job, and a career. If you are financially secure, this might not be a problem. Fortunately, many people can work from home. Commuting back to the city might be too difficult or too unpleasant to contemplate. Instead, take advantage of online working. Many rural areas now have access to high-speed internet connections and good mobile phone reception.


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Adopting the rural lifestyle is another challenge when you first arrive in the country. The area is often pitch black at night. There may be no street lights and only a small community of people in the area. Footpaths off the road may be non-existent too. Instead, walking is done in waterproof boots, with a torch! It will be much quieter than you are used to. This can make you hyper aware of every little sound in the night, but you’ll soon get used to it.

You might choose to live off your land a little too. Growing your own fruit and veg is highly rewarding, but physically demanding. Perhaps you fancy keeping a few chickens for fresh eggs? Animals require regular veterinary care and medication to stay healthy. This can be expensive. Keeping your property clean can also be a lot of hard work when things get muddy outside.


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A life in the country can be very rewarding. It may seem more simple than city living and office jobs. But in reality, there is a lot of work to be done to live well. When you’re ready to take on rural life, live it to the max.


The Best Tips On Bringing A Dog Into A Rural Home

A Dog and a rural, country home might seem like the perfect pair but be careful with this idea. You might find they do not match quite as well as you would like. Having a dog out in the country takes a lot of hard work, perhaps even more so than in the city. That said, a new pup can be the perfect addition to your countryside cottage, as long as you take these tips.

Buy Some Toys

When you bring your new pup home, you will see that he is a very inquisitive little thing. He will be sniffing everything he can reach and wandering the house when he gets brave enough. Curiosity is great, but this can easily lead to the destruction of your property. One of the biggest mistakes country dog owners make is thinking their pet will not need toys. They have the whole outdoors to play with, plenty of sticks to carry. But, when you first get your pet, no matter whether you plan for it to be like this in the future, he will be indoors. You’ll need to replace his mother as a source of food and something that he can find comfort in. You can’t do that if you immediately keep him in a kennel outside. Give him a few toys to play with and get him used to those, rather than chewing up your furniture. If you want to give your dog something extra special, has a whole range of unique toys for him to play with and carry around.

Watch Out For Bugs And Pests

A big downside to having a pet in the country is that it’s hard to avoid them getting a few bugs and beasties. We are not talking about fleas. You can quite easily have a pet completely flea free as long as you buy the right products, even if you are out in the country. But things like tics are different. Tics are commonly found in long grass and often attach to a dog while you are out walking him in the forest or by a river. This is why when you get your pet home you should always rub him down with a towel and examine his body, particularly his belly. A tick will look like a little brown or black pebble on your dog’s skin. If you touch it, it might move and for goodness sake, don’t believe the old wives tales online on how to get rid of them. You need a pair of tic tweezers that you will be able to get from any good vet or pet store.

Don’t Let Them Get Bored


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Finally, you can’t keep a pet entertained all the time. No one has enough time in the day for that, particularly if you have a rather rambunctious breed like a Labrador. The good thing about being in the country is that it is more acceptable to hear a dog barking outside. But you don’t want to leave them alone for too long. This can create bigger issues such as a dog getting bored enough to start chewing on his skin or injuring himself. This is a particularly worrying sign so if you do see this, take him to the vet immediately. You might also need to readjust how you are caring for your new friend.  


Moving To The Country? Read Our Guide!

As you know, we moved to the countryside recently, and so we know how hard it can be. If you’re thinking of moving, there are loads of things that you need to consider. I can tell you that we have never once regretted our decision to move here. In fact, the change made us happier than ever. At first you might think that it will be hard. If you only know busy, city life, you will find it a bit of a struggle. Trust me, though – it will be worth it!

Don’t compare the country to the city

First of all, you need to avoid making this silly mistake. All too many people compare their life in the city to their life in the country. Sure, it is natural to compare the two phases of your life. It’s not healthy if you do it too much. If you’re always yearning for the city, you will never give the country a real chance. You need to be open to the idea of the countryside before you move. You can find ways to connect with the city without being there all the time.


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Throw yourself in at the deep end

When you first move, you need to throw yourself in at the deep end. Find ways to involve yourself in the community. You could join a group or start attending classes. These tips will help you when it comes to enjoying your new life. You should make an effort to meet your neighbours. Talk to them and see who they are. When you first arrive, you could even head over with a gift for them. That way, you will find that you have a friend already. It is tricky to make friends in the country, but you will do it in no time.

Find the right property

Most people think that you can only live in big country houses in rural areas. Well, it may surprise you to learn that there are lots of new apartments for sale in some small rural villages. That means that you can find a property that suits your style. If you don’t want to live in an old-fashioned home, you don’t have to do so. In fact, you can keep your modern lifestyle no matter where you are. That way, you will find that the transition is easier than you expected it to be.

Check out the area first

Finally, you should check out the area before you buy a home. That way, you will know what you can expect. There are many gorgeous rural areas around the country. You are sure to find a place that suits you. Spend some time traveling and find a village that suits your needs. If you have children, you will need to ensure that there is an excellent school system near your home. It’s these things that will make a difference! We hope that our little guide helps you along the way. It might seem like a massive deal, but when you move, you will love it.