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The Consumer’s Advantage of Sourcing and Buying Locally

So today we have a great case study which falls in line with what we’re all about here at Rural Living – the net effect of applying the principles of minimising one’s impact on the environment with their lifestyle choices. We feature the story of how consumers benefit from the sourcing and buying of local services, which can naturally be extended to the purchasing of local products, of course. (more…)

The Benefits of Living Off the Grid

More and more people are now choosing to live off the grid. This is because it’s becoming easier than ever before. There are so many types of affordable, clean energy sources you can now take advantage of. Here are the key benefits of switching.

Financial Freedom

Living off the grid is so much cheaper than paying the big energy companies to provide you with energy. Once you have the solar panels or the wind turbine installed, you don’t have to pay for anything else. So, although there’s an upfront cost, in the long-term, living off the grid is a great way of saving money.

This means that you don’t have to worry about those bills dropping through your letter box. Or worrying about how you’ll meet your payment deadline. Once you switch to an off the grid way of living, those concerns will instantly evaporate. Think about what you could do with the money you save!

Less Risk of Power Outages

When the power goes out in a town or city, it’s often the people who generate their own power who do best. Because they’re not reliant on the grid, they can continue to power their home when most people can’t. As long as the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, depending on how you generate power, you’ll be fine.

Many people think that renewable energy generation is unreliable and inconsistent. But it’s actually far more reliable than grid power. You will find that power outages happen far less, so this is a great reason to reject the grid and switch to a cleaner form of energy.

Lower Dependence on Fossil Fuels

By now, most sensible people have accepted the facts of global warming and the damage it will do. Of course, the issue can’t be solved by simply stopping using fossil fuels in your own home. But it is a good place to start. You have to lead by example and prove to doubters why you’re right to adopt clean energy generation methods.

You won’t be able to ditch fossil fuels completely. When you’re living off the grid, you’ll need a good power generator so check out this guide. Having one of these will give you that much-needed backup at times when you don’t generate enough energy from your wind or solar sources. Even with a backup generator, you won’t be reliant on fossil fuels much at all.

Being Self-Reliant is Liberating

There’s something very liberating about standing on your own two feet without the help of the big energy companies. They charge you huge amounts of money and the service you get is usually pretty bad. So, when you can finally create your own energy and cut ties with them, you’ll feel great about it.

It also allows you to experience what it’s like when something goes wrong, and you have no one to rely on. You have to fix the problem for yourself rather than calling a customer services department and waiting for them to pick up the phone. This is something that can give you helpful life experiences, so don’t underestimate it!


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Fantastic Improvements You Can Make To Your New Country Home

We think people move to the countryside for a few key reasons. They are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They want a bigger home to raise their children and choose a place where homes are cheaper. Or, they are looking for a quiet, comfortable place to retire from the stresses of work. These are all great reasons to move and buy a new country home. But they often forget about the benefits of living in the city and are surprised when they lose them. These lost benefits are mainly due to the state of a rural home (more…)

My Horse is My World, and This is How I Take Care of It

Many people like walking the dog in the countryside. I prefer riding my horse! As a horse owner, I know how intense and time-consuming it can be. But I also understand the importance of taking the time to be the best possible owner. I feel like if I’m not looking after my horse properly then I have no business owning one. It was a dream of mine for so long that I don’t want to waste that by being a bad owner.

So, I feel it’s essential that I look after my horse as much as I can. Now, there are a lot of ways I can go about doing this. And I’m going to share just a few of them here with you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these to make yourself a better owner, and treat your horse the best you possibly can.

Treat it Well

The first and most important thing is to make sure you treat the horse well. This means keeping it fed and cleaned and rested as much as possible. It means you need to be careful when riding, and try to avoid using the crop. If you can prioritize treating the horse well, it’s going to have a big benefit. You will have a much happier and healthier horse to deal with. I like to make sure I am kind and considerate of my horse’s needs.

Take it to the Vet

It’s important to keep your horse healthy and at a physical peak. And the best way to ensure this is to take it to the vet on a regular basis. If there is something wrong with it, then take the horse immediately to the vet. If you ignore something or leave it then it could well make it worse. I would also recommend taking it for regular check-ups anyway. This is what I do, and it allows me to keep track of the health and condition of my horse. It also means that if there is anything wrong it will be found and treated right away.


It’s important to make sure you keep your horse safe when it’s being transported. Now, you may need to sort out transportation for your horse for a number of reasons. And when you do you’ve got to make sure you protect your horse as much as you can. So I would suggest taking the approach that I take, and that is to get a horse trailer or horse box for your steed to go in while in transit. This is a practical and sensible way to take care of your horse.


You also need to make sure you’re keeping the horse clean and well groomed. This is essential to its well-being and livelihood. That’s why there are certain people who are designated groomers. The job is an important and complex one. I always make sure I get my horse groomed as often as possible. This can be done down the stables by professional groomers. I like to make sure I go down to help as well.


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I love my horse and value it very highly. So I always make sure I go out of my way to look after it and treat it well. I figure that if I take the time to do this then I will develop a mutual respect with my horse, and it will look after me. It’s important that we both look out for one another as horse and owner. So, see if you can use my techniques to look after your horse as well.


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