Artificial grass or artificial turf can really be helpful to us humans. Not only it can refresh and brighten up our day when we see its color but it can also make us safer and it will not consume our time. It also benefits schools and nurseries because it doesn’t use any pesticides or chemicals that can harm them. You don’t also need to clean it that much because it doesn’t have any grass stains.

We all know that the safety and security of children are very important. This is the reason why all of the school environment, sports ground, and designated play areas must have the required criteria. That is why so many places decide to get artificial grass fitted by RMPS Landscaping of Castle Rock or a company closer to their location to ensure all the criteria and safety requirements are met.


Ground surface underfoot is one of the most important factors of safety. Having a secure and safe space for our children’s play is very much important. Unsafe or improper surfaces can be a real hazard such as slippery surfaces, non-cushioned base, or uneven ground.

A Suitable Alternative to Real Grass

The synthetic turf becoming more and more widespread over the whole world maybe because it gives the best option to traditional outdoor surfaces and because it is really advantageous particularly when related to traditional ground coverings.

Some unsafe and impractical to use in the play areas and sports grounds of the children are tarmac and woodchip. It can also cause accidents because a real lawn instantly becomes slippery and muddy especially when it’s wet. And it can also consume much time because the members of staff will clean the dirt that comes from the outside.


But when you use and synthetic turf for schools it will guarantee the safety of the children. It also looks excellent and it offers a solution to nurseries, sports areas, and schools. You can now say goodbye to the dirt that is coming instead and you must start let the children play on the outside that is a safe and a clean place.

Durability and Performance

The artificial grass has durability and longevity that can make it withstand continuously and its extreme use. It is also a cost-effective solution because of it’s low-maintenance.

Day by day, the synthetic turf becomes more and more popular for outdoor surfaces in the education area and in the attractive landscaping feature or in a sports pitch.


The players surely wanted to have a soft, cushioned landing when they were playing outdoor events and sports games because it can lessen the injury that they might get. The artificial turf is tough, flexible, and durable which guarantee you that can have the maximum amount and you don’t need to be bothered about the high traffic that has a negative impact on the spaces.

The Science Behind Artificial Grass

The artificial grass comes from the Artificial Lawn Company that is created thinking on the safety of it which guarantee you that it is the best choice for schools. Space has a 1.5-meter fully-certified significant fall height and it also followed by an impact-absorbing Grassflex underlay. Further to this, we also give wet-pour rubber spaces that will meet the safety specifications.


The top priority in schools is of course, the safety of the children. You need to ensure that you are giving the safety first through buying a cost-effective, high-quality synthetic turf for sports areas, playgrounds, nurseries, and schools.

Low Maintenance

The top priority of the Artificial Lawn Company is the children which means that keeping the time should stay at a minimum. Having an artificial turf, you can finally say goodbye to the hours that you spent cutting the grass or the money that you pay when you were hiring a contractor to maintain the sports areas in its original condition.


The removal of debris such as leaf litter is needed to keep your artificial grass looks new and natural. You also needed to use a daily brush with a stiff-bristled broom to maintain the grass correctly. Artificial grass is also porous which means the rainwater can flow right at the soil below that’s why you don’t need to worry anymore about the heavy rainfall that the drainage problems caused.

Surely, artificial grass will be on your list now because of the benefits that it has. Not only it will bring a beautiful and perfect sight on your environment but it also much safer to use especially to children and to those people who were playing on the ground.