If you are just starting your journey toward rural living, then you may be excited about having so much space to enjoy. After all, many city dwellers struggle on in tiny little studios and apartments. You may have mastered the art of making the most of little spaces. Even if you are living rurally, you still need to be good at this. After all, not every country home is brand new with the modern conveniences you are used to.

One of the biggest problems for rural living is managing the kitchen. It is usually the main entrance into the home. That means muddy boots and muddy paw prints all over the floor. It could be where you manage your laundry as well as your cooking. The kids could be using the kitchen table for crafts and housework.

Rooms like the kitchen are multifunctional. If you like your home to be a little more organized, then you might be in need of some storage solutions. Start with your food supplies. Many rural communities can be cut off in bad weather. This means you will need to store more supplies in the house. Use your kitchen cupboards wisely. Some foods are prone to attracting little visitors!


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If you do have a problem with pest control, don’t despair. Once you have called out the professionals to get rid of the problem, you can clean up and work on prevention. Plastic containers with sealed lids are great for storing some foods, but others can be damaged by the lack of air. Cakes and biscuits don’t last well in plastic tubs. However, you can keep them from pests by selecting a cupboard that is free of cracks or holes they can get into.

Some mice will seek out your paper supplies. Whether you are storing the paper for recycling, or it is part of the kids’ craft supplies, you must seal it up. Choose storage drawers that are stackable or part of a wheeled unit. This means it can be pushed out of the way, and wheeled back in when the kids want to access it.


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A big country kitchen dresser looks amazing in a rural house. However, the wood can be prone to woodworm. To protect the items inside, use small plastic containers. They stack well in dressers because the storage space tends to be square. Food larders are naturally cooler than the rest of the home. However, be sure to seal up any cracks and crevices to the outside. Store your food in boxes that make them easy to identify and access.

Your country closet can also be converted into useful storage space with some stackable containers. This allows you to store foldable clothing in the closet to free up the dresser drawers. It also helps you to organize and find things easier.

Built in furniture can go against the character of some rural properties. Plastic containers can easily be stacked and hidden out of the way to avoid being an eyesore. See what you can create with some old tubs today.


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