When you move to the countryside, there’s plenty you can do on your property. Have a look at these ideas, and use them to make your back garden more amazing.

Solar Panels

Rural living gives you the perfect opportunity to embrace greener living. You need to start doing this as much as you can. And now you have the perfect chance to do so. The first part of this is going to be getting solar panels installed on the roof or in the garden. These are a fantastic method of making the home more energy efficient. You’ll also find that you add value to the property by doing this as well.


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Rainwater Tank

Staying on the idea of greener living, you need to see if you can get a rainwater tank installed. You’ll no doubt have room for one of these as it can live underground. These are awesome because they use rainwater to supplement your water supply. This cuts down on the amount you pay for your water bills. It makes your garden more efficient, as well as visually striking.

Log Store

In the countryside many homes are large and old and you might be lucky enough to have a fireplace. An open fire is amazing for the visual aesthetic of the home. But it also offers a great source of energy-efficient heating. You can use logs on the fire as well as coal. But you’ll need to stockpile plenty of logs in order to keep the fire fuelled. The trouble is, you can’t just keep them stacked up outside. They’re liable to get wet and then won’t burn. So you need to make sure you build a log store. This gives you a neat, organised place to store them, and it protects them from the elements.


One of the primary concerns you need to have with your garden is storage. This is something we all struggle with. We seem to have a lot of stuff and there’s not enough space to keep all of it stored away. This is where a shed will come in handy. You need to get one for the back garden and use it to store tools, machinery, and other bits and pieces. Now, you can buy sheds ready assembled, or you might try making one yourself. You’ll need to visit timber merchants and make sure you have plenty of wood. And you’re going to have to have an excellent design as well as the right tools before you proceed.


No garden is fully complete without an impressive water feature. And when it comes to water features you can’t get much better than a pond. It’s one of the classic features of a modern garden. Of course, you’re going to need space to fit a pond, but if you have the room, you need to make sure you do it. Figure out the perfect pond size to fit with your garden. Adding a water feature like this has so many benefits for your garden. It improves the aesthetic and creates a miniature ecosystem that will help plant life and creatures thrive.

When you live in the countryside, you have a unique opportunity. You see, you’re likely to have a large and versatile garden. And you’ll have the opportunity to come up with things to enrich the natural aesthetic. Because you’ve moved to rural regions of the country there’s more you can do outside now. Try to make the most of this by making additions to improve your garden.   

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