You have just bought a beautiful new home in the countryside. A stunning, cosy cottage with flowers growing up the outside, white brick walls and a little wooden gate that welcomes you. The outside of your home looks gorgeous with some wonderful ornaments in your front garden and a perfectly trimmed, green lawn. There is no doubt about it, this the place you want to be. You may have even unpacked your belongings and set them up around your new home. But, something is missing from the interior of your new house. It needs a little improvement, some extra style. We have got some tips on just how you can do this by accessorizing your home.

Spruce Up The Windows

Perhaps your new rural home is in the middle of nowhere, and not many people will be walking by. But, you still want your house to look the best when you pull up outside after a long day of work. One of the simplest ways to do this is by sprucing up the windows. This improves the inside and outside of the room. For the downstairs rooms, you can try adding a vase of flowers or some candles to the window sill. These are not to be lit and merely for display purposes. Upstairs, you could consider winding a line of wired lights around the curtain hanger. Switch them on at night and your home will be a sight to behold, even in the dark.

Welcome Home


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You may have a small alcove when you enter your home before you step inside completely. This is the perfect place for a “welcome mat.” These traditional accessories are perfect for adding some character to your house and making it feel like a home. They come in all different sizes, and it does not even have to be a mat. You can buy an amusing wooden piece that fits over the door that says “wipe your paws.” You may also want to consider adding one or two ornaments to your alcove to make it appear more friendly.

Decorating The Tables

A simple thing to fix in your home is adding a little something to a bare table top. You can do this easily by having a look at some stylish tablecloths online. After purchasing one, you may also want to purchase a centerpiece, like a vase or candle, particularly for your main table in the dining room.

Adding Colour To The Walls

The easiest way of decorating the walls in your home is to add a couple pictures and portraits. You may want to choose a couple classic prints from an artist like Picasso or opt for more modern designs. The classic prints will go with a more traditionally decorated home and will add class to each of your rooms. But, modern prints will look terrific in a house designed for the here and now.

Or, if art is not your thing, and you have kids you could hang up their latest school achievements on the walls. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and if your house is still not feeling like your new home, it may be the perfect choice.

Finally, failing that why not frame some snaps from your latest family holiday and put them sparingly around your house.

Using these ideas, we are sure your new country house will look stylish and feel like home.

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