I’ve spent a lot of time both living and working in the nation’s capital. I’ve also had to live in a few different cities during my time. There’s one thing I’ve taken away from those experiences: country living is better!

Sure, living in a city or suburban area has its benefits. Everything you need is almost at your doorstep, and you’ll never be short of anything to do in the city. But, in my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros by residing in a city location.

Let me give you six reasons why I think it would make more sense for you to consider country living:


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  1. There’s more privacy in the country

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy my privacy. Sometimes I enjoy my own company and wish to do so in a private setting. It’s good to be alone sometimes, as it helps you to reflect on things and make clearer decisions in your life.

As a city dweller, you seldom have an opportunity to get away from other people.

  1. The countryside doesn’t have to be in the middle of nowhere

Some people have a stereotypical view of the country. They believe rural locations aren’t easy to access from major towns and cities. But, nothing could be further from the truth!

It’s possible to live somewhere close to a city location. For instance, I have a friend that works in the military. He lives at Ultris Island Park and is close to his nearest base but far enough from the city. Many of his colleagues prefer living off-base and out of the city too. So, yes, country living doesn’t mean you are away from civilization!

  1. It’s cheaper to buy and rent a home

Property prices have gone through the roof in recent years! The laws of supply and demand drive those prices high. That’s because there are more buyers and tenants than there are available properties.


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In the country, you can buy or rent a large house for the same price of a small apartment in the city! It’s crazy, don’t you think?

  1. You can lead a healthier lifestyle

Country living opens up so many possibilities that are seldom available to you in the city. For example, you could have a vegetable patch in your garden and grow organic food. And let’s not forget you can walk around outdoors without inhaling polluted air!

  1. It’s quieter in the country

The main thing I hate about city living is the noise pollution! Even at times when folks should be in bed asleep, you hear cars, people shouting and all kinds of noises.

Living in the country means that you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. In fact, you are usually only likely going to hear the rustling of the trees in the wind!

  1. It’s better to bring a family up in the country

Let’s face it; you have more space to bring up a growing family in the country. You can also afford to give them the best of everything they need. And they are more likely to develop their social and creative skills living outside of the city.


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