So long as you are alive and kicking you need a regular source of income. Most people will opt for a white or blue collar job to earn their money. This means regular trips to and from your company’s location.


This is how majority of the population makes their income. However, there are a few individuals who have discovered how to make an extra buck sitting while sitting at home or in their office, be that from trading cryptocurrencies online (kryptowährung handeln app), consulting, writing, running a small business of sorts, the list of what you can do is enormous. Whether full or part time, the reality is that it’s possible to make money on the internet. Here are just some of the ways how:-


  1. Making and Selling Stuff

You can actually make some money by selling things you make yourself. Handmade items ooze originality and no two things are completely the same. That’s what makes them so unique. You can sell such items on websites like or that are primarily dedicated to connect artists to their potential customers. Any mention of the word handmade usually conjures images of brightly colored crocheted scarfs and the like. That’s not all there is to hand made stuff. If you consider yourself to be really good with your hands you can make unique glass, metal or wood creations. The key thing that you need to remember if you want to go this route is to sell something you are very passionate about. That way when the orders start coming in fast and furious you will not start feeling burnt out.

The websites listed allow artists to create a small shop where they are charged a small fee for every item they put on there. If you already have a shop running from your home that’s an even better option than opening up one on a website. There are some people who feel like managing a fully-fledged website is additional work that they cannot handle.

When it comes to creating hand made goods, the main challenge is making back all the money used in creating them in the first place. All artists want to be paid the full value of creating their unique piece of art. If you want to make any decent money this way you need to keep close track of your sales, more so during the first few months. Doing this helps you to make necessary changes in order to increase your profits.


  1. Becoming A Tutor

There is a lot of pressure for students of all ages to keep their grades up and not every student can do this without the help of a tutor. That’s where you come in.

Most households in the States have a reliable internet connection and this makes it easy for internet tutoring services. To become an internet tutor you would be required to pass exams in your chosen fields. You may also have to go through rigorous background checks.

Another option is to open up your own online based tutoring website. Websites like have made things easy for you already by offering you a ready platform where prospective students are looking for a tutor.

Tutoring online means that you have to be online at set hours of the day or night so that’s something that you should think about beforehand.


  1. Playing Online Games

Got time to kill? Why not try playing some games online? Games such as poker, slots, Black Jack have been popular online for years, however recently there has been a surge in new bingo sites appearing online – once automatically assumed to be an old person’s game, you can now play bingo from the comfort of your own home, and win large amounts of money in the process. There are usually smaller games every 5-10 minutes, then a couple of times a day there will be a big jackpot game where you can win life changing amounts. Simply look online for bingo sites, find one that tickles your fancy and start playing!


  1. Working As A Customer Service Professional

Every business has a front office customer service department that is charged with serving its clients by answering questions and addressing their issues and concerns. Some businesses have automated this department in such a way that all matters are handled over the internet. Customer service is therefore offered via live support or chat. To get help a customer logs their complaint or question and the CSR gives a response to the same immediately. Such kind of assistance relies heavily on speedy internet and many businesses are now outsourcing this responsibility to people who have a dedicated internet provider and who work from home. They pay such people a small fee or an amount based on commission. So if you definitely consider yourself a people’s person, this might just be a good way for you to make money online.


  1. Offering Finance Related Services

Business is all about money and it is inevitable that a business will have to file its taxes, process payroll and do quite a bit of accounting and bookkeeping. Much as there are many softwares tailored to helps with such tasks, not every business can afford such. Starts up businesses often need to hire someone to consult with on such matters.

If you are proficient in any of these fields you can offer your services to such businesses or individuals. In order to be successful in this very sensitive field, take on only what you are conversant about. Remember, it’s all about setting a standard. Your reputation will most definitely take on a life of its own and you therefore need to make sure that it is a good one.


  1. Freelancing

Freelancing works in the same way as blogging. Simply put you do all your work from the comfort of your office or home. That said, freelancing requires you to be good at writing at most. Freelance jobs will often require an individual to write extensively on a niche subject. A writer is expected to be the voice of authority in that specific subject. The good news is that you can make a living out of freelancing if you are especially passionate about something. For example, food, travel, gardening, health, internet, technology or home improvement.

When you work as a freelancer you will most likely be required to create content for other clients. That said, it can evolve to a point where you as a writer pen your own unique articles and sell the same for a few. If you want to venture out on your own, it is important that you know your audience otherwise it can end up as a failure.

Freelancing is often associated with writing jobs alone but that is not true. It also involves web design, programming or editing jobs.


  1. Creating and Selling Unique Tees

Because being normal is so over-rated. You need only talk a walk through a college campus to realize the truth in this phrase. Nowadays, you say so much through what you wear. Catchy phrases and prints attract a lot of attention and anybody who wants to be somebody has a couple of unique t-shirts. With the growth of the internet, such tees are on demand all over the world! If you think you can come up with catchy phrases, logos and styles you can strike gold by using this skill to make money.


  1. Blogging

This is a natural choice for someone who has a way with words. Blogging often requires one to churn out new and fresh content on a regular basis. So if you always have something to say or have an opinion about everything happening around you, you can make your words make money for you. The newer and fresher content you have on your blog the higher the chances of attracting advertisers. The truth of the matter is that the money comes from advertising.

To make money through running a blog you would have to sign up for an ad service for instance Google AdSense. These services will post the sponsored links on your page. If the people visiting your blog click on such ads that’s how you make money.


  1. Trading on eBay

Everyone is doing this nowadays. If you look around your home or office there are some things you have that you don’t need but which other people are desperate to have. You can simply put such things up for auction and make money when someone purchases them. It’s easy to start doing this, you just have to set up a new profile and put up what you are selling. Of course you have to do a little more work to convince a prospective customer to buy from you and not the other person. After a buyer makes a purchase it is also important that you deliver on time as this will affect the kind of review you get. Many people searching for something to buy will often go through reviews to get a feel of what they should expect.


  1. Reviewing SEO

This is a risky venture but well worth the effort and time. SEO is a fast growing industry and since every business wants to remain visible on search engines, it means there will always be jobs for an SEO reviewer. When you work as an SEO reviewer you have to willing to visit websites considered raunchy or those that contain offensive content to check if it has malware. This often means that you put your computer at risks of virus attacks.


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