Your event deserves the best, and your guests are hopefully already expecting it from you.  From circus clowns to rising stars, there are infinite choices for entertainment- but which performer suits your party best?  Here are ten things to consider for your next event.

1 Guests

Consider your guests!  Characters, or cosplayers, may be perfect for a child’s birthday party, but not quite right for your uncle’s retirement party.  Think about who your guests are, what they’re expecting, and how you can provide that.

2 Theme

Although not every party needs to have a theme, it seems like most of them have one these days.  If your party has an era-specific idea, don’t go for something that has nothing to do with that era.

3 Purpose

Do you want someone to play music for your guests, or someone to interact and entertain?  You can give your guests a little of both with Irish dancers to hire or decide to go one strict route instead.

4 Location

Are you renting out a huge auditorium, or is the party in your small office space?  Consider how many people are attending and if there’s a designated space for the performer.  You shouldn’t hire a heavy metal group for a small space, but in the same breath, a single character performer may get lost in a party with hundreds of people.

5 Activity Expected

Do you think your guests are expecting to dance, or do you think they’d rather sit back and watch a performer instead?  Consider what type of energy you want the event to have.

6 Venue Rules

Some venues won’t allow you to use a live performer of which they don’t approve.  Look into the rules for your space, and check if what you’re wanting is acceptable.  Most of the time, within reason, there aren’t any problems- but it’s always better to check ahead of time.

7 Budget

This tip is paramount when hiring a performer.  If you can’t afford a band of acrobats, don’t try to recruit or plan for one.  Keep within a budget and plan how much you’re willing to pay before you decide to hire a performer.

8 Timing

Are the holidays coming up?  Is it closer to Valentine’s day, or prom?  Some entertainers will be less available at times like these because they’ll get booked months prior.  If you want a specific performer, and you know it will probably be a busy time for them, put in a down payment as early as possible.

9 Alcohol

If your party has drinking involved, you need to let the entertainers know ahead of time.  Some performers, like cosplayers or party clowns, may refuse to perform where there are open bottles of wine or beer, while others may be more enticed by it.

10 How Long Is Your Event

For most events one performer may be enough.  If your event spans longer than four hours, it may be time to look into finding one or two more performers.  No singer, or dancer, can keep it up for more than a handful of hours before exhaustion ruins their performance.