Sprucing Up Your Rural Home With These Great Concepts

I think the first thing that struck me when I moved out of the city into a rural home was how old-fashioned and out of style it looked. Certainly, the place had a quaint little character of its own but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the peace of the countryside while also living in a modern, stylish home. It took me some time to figure out how to collide these two concepts but eventually  I managed it. I looked at each room in my home and decided the best way to improve it. The best part was that it ended up costing me a lot less than you would perhaps imagine.


The first thing I thought about was how to accessorize my home. As silly as it sounds I thought about my house as a brand new outfit. Then I thought about the little things that would bring out the colour and style already there. I started by sprucing up the windows with some small decorations. I added a couple of vases of flowers and some smaller ornaments. As well as this, I hung some lights around the curtain hook. These are switched on in the evening and look terrific, even in the summer months.

The next thing I noticed were that the walls of many of the rooms were looking a little bare. I went shopping online for some classical art prints and bought the likes of Van Gogh. I now have a print of one of his most famous pieces hanging up over my fireplace. It goes quite spectacularly with the rest of the room, and I do feel my living room would look empty without it.

Space Saving

When I moved to the country, I was leaving a small apartment for a large rural home. Unbelievably, once I had unpacked everything the house was still looking cramped and cluttered. I soon discovered this had nothing to do with how many things I owned but how much of it was out on display. The bathroom, in particular, looked overrun with belongings. But, then I found a vanity cabinet sold by Bella Bathrooms. It fit in perfectly with my room and was a stylish accessory to store everything I needed.

In other rooms like the bedroom, I bought a couple boxes that now fit snugly under my bed. These are easy to assemble and keep all my books neat and out of site. The room looks a lot better now.

Lighting Upgrades

I quite liked some of the fixtures in the rooms of my new home. For instance, there’s a truly stunning chandelier that hangs over the dining room table that I would never part with. But in other areas the fixtures looked out of date and out of place. I decided to replace them with modern designs, and this only cost a couple of hundred. These bring a whole new look to the rooms they are in.

Once I was finished with the improvements, my home looked modern and stylish. It was a modern haven and the perfect rural home.


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Common House Problems To Be Aware Of As Winter Approaches



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It’s that time of year where the leaves change color and start to fall from the trees. What this means is that Autumn has come to party, and soon, winter will be upon us.

While there are lots of good things about winter, it does present some problems for your home. The drastic changes in weather can prove highly problematic. As a result, many people find that their homes are at greater risk during the winter months.

But, what are the biggest issues your home could face during winter? I’ve picked out the three most common:

Pipe Problems

There’s a high chance you will encounter more plumbing problems in the winter than any other time of the year. When temperatures drop, it’s easy for pipes to freeze over. This leads to cracks forming and, in some cases, pipes bursting. If your pipes go bust during winter, you’ll be left with no way to get water into your home. To say this is a minor inconvenience is an understatement! Sure, you can buy drinking water, but it will be tough to shower or wash any dishes. Many people suggest that the solution is keeping your house warm. You can do this by making sure it’s properly insulated and that the heating works.


(Image by tommyolsson https://goo.gl/O9p8Hv)

Roof Problems

One of your main concerns will be with your roof. When winter arrives, it brings a lot of harsh weather. This means howling winds and very low temperatures. All this bad weather can have a horrible effect on your roof. If your roofing is old, or in poor shape, it can easily get damaged. When you have a damaged roof, it can lead to cracks and holes forming, which will them leak when it rains. This then brings water damage into your home, which you do not want! Your focus should be on checking your roof for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any problem areas, look at getting them fixed. You may even find that you’re better off getting a whole new roof fitted.

Broken Boiler

No one wants their boiler to break down because it’s an inconvenience. But, if it breaks down in the spring or summer, it isn’t that big of a deal. It’s warm enough for you to live without heating or hot water for a few days. But, if it breaks down in winter, then you’re in a load of trouble. Boiler breakdowns are common during the winter time because of the temperature. This is because people are likely to have their heating on almost all day. When you use something a lot, there’s more chance it will break. My advice would be to check that your boiler is working properly – you may not have used it in a while! Also, check to see if it needs servicing or will need it during winter. It makes more sense to book servicing before winter approaches, to ensure there’s less chance it can break. A broken boiler can be harmful to your home and your health, so be aware throughout winter.


My Horse is My World, and This is How I Take Care of It

Many people like walking the dog in the countryside. I prefer riding my horse! As a horse owner, I know how intense and time-consuming it can be. But I also understand the importance of taking the time to be the best possible owner. I feel like if I’m not looking after my horse properly then I have no business owning one. It was a dream of mine for so long that I don’t want to waste that by being a bad owner.

So, I feel it’s essential that I look after my horse as much as I can. Now, there are a lot of ways I can go about doing this. And I’m going to share just a few of them here with you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these to make yourself a better owner, and treat your horse the best you possibly can.

Treat it Well

The first and most important thing is to make sure you treat the horse well. This means keeping it fed and cleaned and rested as much as possible. It means you need to be careful when riding, and try to avoid using the crop. If you can prioritize treating the horse well, it’s going to have a big benefit. You will have a much happier and healthier horse to deal with. I like to make sure I am kind and considerate of my horse’s needs.

Take it to the Vet

It’s important to keep your horse healthy and at a physical peak. And the best way to ensure this is to take it to the vet on a regular basis. If there is something wrong with it, then take the horse immediately to the vet. If you ignore something or leave it then it could well make it worse. I would also recommend taking it for regular check-ups anyway. This is what I do, and it allows me to keep track of the health and condition of my horse. It also means that if there is anything wrong it will be found and treated right away.


It’s important to make sure you keep your horse safe when it’s being transported. Now, you may need to sort out transportation for your horse for a number of reasons. And when you do you’ve got to make sure you protect your horse as much as you can. So I would suggest taking the approach that I take, and that is to get a horse trailer or horse box for your steed to go in while in transit. This is a practical and sensible way to take care of your horse.


You also need to make sure you’re keeping the horse clean and well groomed. This is essential to its well-being and livelihood. That’s why there are certain people who are designated groomers. The job is an important and complex one. I always make sure I get my horse groomed as often as possible. This can be done down the stables by professional groomers. I like to make sure I go down to help as well.


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I love my horse and value it very highly. So I always make sure I go out of my way to look after it and treat it well. I figure that if I take the time to do this then I will develop a mutual respect with my horse, and it will look after me. It’s important that we both look out for one another as horse and owner. So, see if you can use my techniques to look after your horse as well.


Wrist finance: how wearable tech is changing the banking game

Digital banking has gained so much popularity in recent years that it’s rendered the notion of actually visiting a bank branch rather quaint. Thanks to banking apps, we can transfer money, pay bills and track our expenses with a few quick taps of our fingers on our smartphone. And now with the wearable tech trend sweeping the globe, we will soon be able to take care of our finances from our wrists.


Make a Fresh Start in the Great Outdoors Using My Wonderful Advice

I am a huge advocate of the rural way of life. Well, why wouldn’t I be? I live here! And I would recommend it to anybody. However, if you’re planning on relocating and moving out here, you’re going to need to take some of my advice. Here are some suggestions to help you make a fresh start in the country.


Image Source

Try it Out First

Making the decision to have a fresh start in the great outdoors is a big step. And it’s not a decision you should be making lightly. So, you need to prepare before you make any kind of definitive move. I would suggest trying out the country life first. So, take a holiday and go and live in the country for a few weeks. None of this hotel nonsense! Rent a home (or a cabin) and live as though it was your home. This will give you a good taste of the sorts of things you can expect from country life. That way, you’ll know whether you’re cut out for it or not.

Change to a Rural Career

A great way to transition into country living is to change your career. Choose a job that’s more in keeping with your rural surroundings. We packed in our mundane city jobs and moved out in the sticks. And now we live on a farm, and this is the ideal sort of career move I’m talking about. Why not consider something in agriculture? You might even think about the medical or teaching profession as they are probably in high demand in rural areas. Changing to a rural career will help you immerse yourself and fall in love with the local area.

Make Sure There’s Plenty to Do

When you move anywhere one of the big considerations should be activities. This simply means making sure there is plenty to do. As a country dweller myself I know that there is a lot to do in the out here. It’s often just a case of finding it. Coming from the city you’ll be used to having everything in close proximity. Out here you may need to have a hunt around for a little while. But there is plenty to do. Just make sure the area you’re moving to has plenty to interest you.

Build an Eco-Home

Now, when you move to the countryside, you need to think about where you’re going to live. Many people like to buy pre-existing country homes. But a great option for you could be to build an eco-home. This will help you embrace green living and get the bespoke home you’ve always wanted. Make some enquiries and try to get a home builder on board. You might want to consider converting an old barn into an eco-home. This is quite a popular approach these days for many people.

No one said relocation to the great outdoors was going to be easy. You’re probably used to your city life, and your creature comforts. But, by following my tips you can adjust to life in the country fairly comfortably. Make sure you have an open mind, and you know what to expect going in. Then everything will work out fine.  


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