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Amazing Ideas To Create The Perfect Bedroom

Thinking about redesigning your bedroom? Here are three amazing tips you should follow:

Get The Bed Right

The key component in a bedroom is the bed. After all, the bed is where you sleep in. And no, before you say anything, it isn’t point out the obvious day! All jokes aside, the bed is very important when you’re creating a bedroom. Firstly, you have to decide on the size and style of your bed. Are you going to go sleek and modern and have a metal frame bed? Or perhaps a bit more rustic and get a polished wood frame. If you’re living in the country like me, then a wooden bed frame can give you that rural feel!

Then, you move onto the mattress type. Now then, getting your mattress right is very important. You don’t want a mattress that’s too soft, or one that’s too hard. If you have a single bed, then natural single mattresses would be great for you. If you have a double bed, then obviously make sure you get a double mattress! At the end of the day, mattress feel depends on the person. I may like one mattress, and you may hate it. Have a test run on some mattresses in a store before you commit to buying.


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Create The Perfect Lighting

I find that lighting is very important in the bedroom – more so than any other room in the house. The key to good bedroom lighting is making sure you can set the mood depending on how you feel. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas; they can create perfect lighting in the bedroom. With the lights turned off and fairy lights on, it’s very dimly lit and romantic.

Also, think about getting some lamps to put on tables or bedside cabinets in the room. I think lamps next to the bed are great. This is because you can have them on and do a little reading without having to get up and turn the lights on. Plus, a dimly lit lamp can set a peaceful tone in the room.

My final piece of lighting advice is to get some candles for your bedroom. Not only do they create a unique light, but they can smell nice too. There’s something relaxing about candlelight; it just makes you feel at peace with the world.

Furnish Appropriately

You’ll find that there are certain things you need in a bedroom, and things that you don’t. For example, you won’t need a coffee table in your room. Just, why? Why would you even think of putting one there?!  

Secondly, you’re going to need things like cupboards and a drawers to store clothes. Unless, of course, you have a large closet to keep them in. Then, you may need something like a large dresser complete with a mirror. I think it’s fair to say this furniture is pretty unique to a bedroom, no one has a dresser in any other room!

The important thing is to furnish appropriately and don’t overdo it. If you crowd your bedroom with too much furniture, it will look horrible. It’ll start to feel cramped, and you won’t like being in the room.

3 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Bills So That You Can Afford To Do Up Your New Home

If, like us, you are lucky enough to live in a rural home, you will know that while the lifestyle is fantastic, the cost that comes with it is not. We love our new home, however doing it up has been expensive.

We don’t regret a single moment of living here, but it would have been nice to have a little more money to play with. Thinking back to those first few months, revamping our new house came with lots of challenges.

These included repairs and redesigns, not to mention juggling our budget to ensure that we had enough to cover everything. After speaking to another homeowner, I realised that we aren’t the only ones who would have liked more money for our project.


Photo source

This got me thinking about how new homeowners could cut the cost of their bills, to give them more money for updating their home. Here are the three things that I came up with – hopefully, you will find these useful.

  1. Look around for the best deals

To find good deals, the key is shopping around on comparison sites. Have a look at websites like, to find companies that offer the best rates.

If you have only just moved into your new home, you may not have chosen your suppliers yet. This is a good thing, as often when you switch from one provider to another; you may incur a financial penalty.

Search for online utility companies, that don’t use paper. Often, because paper isn’t used, this makes the tariffs of these providers a little cheaper, so it’s worth looking into. Sites like,, have cheaper rates because they don’t use paper.

  1. Pay via the cheapest option

Not many people realise this, but there are certain methods of payments that make your bills more expensive. For instance, if you choose to pay via debit or credit card, a handling fee will be added on. Whereas, if you opt to pay by direct debit, you won’t be charged any extra.

By choosing to pay via the cheapest option, you might only save a few pounds, but it all adds up. If you save three pounds on each of your bills, you could end up saving around 30 pounds per month, which adds up to over 300 pounds per year. That’s a huge saving, so it is definitely worth asking about.

  1. Don’t waste energy

For most of us, our biggest bills tend to be for energy, so the key to reducing your monthly spending is cutting your energy usage. Obviously, that’s easier said than done when you are in the middle of doing up your house. However, it is doable, it just takes a little bit of creativity, that’s all.

Turn down your hot water and heating. One of the main causes of energy usage is having your thermostat too high. Just by turning it down by a couple of degrees, you can save a lot of energy and won’t even notice the temperature difference.  

Don’t leave your electronics on standby. Whether that’s your drill charger or your television, leaving things on standby, uses extra energy. Once you finish using something, be it a drill or smartphone charger, switch it off.

By making a couple of these simple changes, you will be amazed at how much money you can save on your bills.

Amazing Additions You Can Make to Your Back Garden

When you move to the countryside, there’s plenty you can do on your property. Have a look at these ideas, and use them to make your back garden more amazing.

Solar Panels

Rural living gives you the perfect opportunity to embrace greener living. You need to start doing this as much as you can. And now you have the perfect chance to do so. The first part of this is going to be getting solar panels installed on the roof or in the garden. These are a fantastic method of making the home more energy efficient. You’ll also find that you add value to the property by doing this as well.


Image Source

Rainwater Tank

Staying on the idea of greener living, you need to see if you can get a rainwater tank installed. You’ll no doubt have room for one of these as it can live underground. These are awesome because they use rainwater to supplement your water supply. This cuts down on the amount you pay for your water bills. It makes your garden more efficient, as well as visually striking.

Log Store

In the countryside many homes are large and old and you might be lucky enough to have a fireplace. An open fire is amazing for the visual aesthetic of the home. But it also offers a great source of energy-efficient heating. You can use logs on the fire as well as coal. But you’ll need to stockpile plenty of logs in order to keep the fire fuelled. The trouble is, you can’t just keep them stacked up outside. They’re liable to get wet and then won’t burn. So you need to make sure you build a log store. This gives you a neat, organised place to store them, and it protects them from the elements.


One of the primary concerns you need to have with your garden is storage. This is something we all struggle with. We seem to have a lot of stuff and there’s not enough space to keep all of it stored away. This is where a shed will come in handy. You need to get one for the back garden and use it to store tools, machinery, and other bits and pieces. Now, you can buy sheds ready assembled, or you might try making one yourself. You’ll need to visit timber merchants and make sure you have plenty of wood. And you’re going to have to have an excellent design as well as the right tools before you proceed.


No garden is fully complete without an impressive water feature. And when it comes to water features you can’t get much better than a pond. It’s one of the classic features of a modern garden. Of course, you’re going to need space to fit a pond, but if you have the room, you need to make sure you do it. Figure out the perfect pond size to fit with your garden. Adding a water feature like this has so many benefits for your garden. It improves the aesthetic and creates a miniature ecosystem that will help plant life and creatures thrive.

When you live in the countryside, you have a unique opportunity. You see, you’re likely to have a large and versatile garden. And you’ll have the opportunity to come up with things to enrich the natural aesthetic. Because you’ve moved to rural regions of the country there’s more you can do outside now. Try to make the most of this by making additions to improve your garden.   

Essential Home Maintenance Jobs You Should Be Doing


David Sawyer

All homeowners should be aware of essential maintenance tasks. Failing to keep on top of things could mean small issues become serious problems. Those of you with stressful jobs might overlook something important. So, we are going to offer some crucial advice this afternoon. My family has successfully ensured our property meets the highest of standards. To be honest, that is mainly because of how long it takes to get someone out to fix the problem! Below, you will find a list of vital maintenance tasks that everyone should perform. So long as you keep on top of things, dealing with them shouldn’t require much effort.

Just bear in mind that those of you living in certain communities might get some extra help. The Cedar HOA management team often deal with basic maintenance in properties they handle. Your home could be covered by such a service. Make sure you find out about that before you start working. The information should be within your paperwork.

Testing your water heater

It is vital that all homeowners test their water heaters on a monthly basis. That is especially the case when approaching the winter months. You need to take a look at the pressure gauge and ensure everything is working well. You might have to adjust the pressure if it has become too low or too high. Thankfully, that is a job everyone can perform without professional help. You don’t need a plumber to change the pressure on your boiler. However, it might make sense to search for the model number online. The chances are that you will find guides explaining everything.

Drain cleaning

You don’t need us to tell you that blocked drains can become a significant issue. All that hair and food can sometimes stop water from draining away properly. So, you need to invest in some standard cleaning tools as soon as possible. You will find long rods available at most home stores. You can use them to clear any blockages and ensure your system works perfectly. Just don’t make the mistake of waiting until you have a problem. It makes more sense to push the rods down your drains at least once each week. That way, you can stop the issue before it affects your family.

Furnace filter replacement

Most American properties use a furnace for heating purposes. The filters on them can become damaged and dirty over time. So, you must get in the habit of changing them regularly. You shouldn’t have to do that more than a couple of times each year. However, failing to perform the task could mean your furnace stops working properly. It is possible the item will fill your home with smoke when filters become useless. That should help to highlight how seriously you should take the job. A malfunctioning furnace will bring you nothing but trouble.

There are lots of other maintenance tasks you should perform in your home. We just wanted to mention the ones that can cause the most hassle. It’s always a good idea to create a list of chores that need to be completed each week. That way, you will limit the chances of you overlooking anything important. We plan to sell soon and move somewhere different. So, we’re probably a little more concerned about the condition of our property than most. Still, it’s only your family that will suffer if you don’t cover the basics.

Add Some Style To Your Country Home With These Little Design Ideas

You have just bought a beautiful new home in the countryside. A stunning, cosy cottage with flowers growing up the outside, white brick walls and a little wooden gate that welcomes you. The outside of your home looks gorgeous with some wonderful ornaments in your front garden and a perfectly trimmed, green lawn. There is no doubt about it, this the place you want to be. You may have even unpacked your belongings and set them up around your new home. But, something is missing from the interior of your new house. It needs a little improvement, some extra style. We have got some tips on just how you can do this by accessorizing your home.

Spruce Up The Windows

Perhaps your new rural home is in the middle of nowhere, and not many people will be walking by. But, you still want your house to look the best when you pull up outside after a long day of work. One of the simplest ways to do this is by sprucing up the windows. This improves the inside and outside of the room. For the downstairs rooms, you can try adding a vase of flowers or some candles to the window sill. These are not to be lit and merely for display purposes. Upstairs, you could consider winding a line of wired lights around the curtain hanger. Switch them on at night and your home will be a sight to behold, even in the dark.

Welcome Home


Picture Source

You may have a small alcove when you enter your home before you step inside completely. This is the perfect place for a “welcome mat.” These traditional accessories are perfect for adding some character to your house and making it feel like a home. They come in all different sizes, and it does not even have to be a mat. You can buy an amusing wooden piece that fits over the door that says “wipe your paws.” You may also want to consider adding one or two ornaments to your alcove to make it appear more friendly.

Decorating The Tables

A simple thing to fix in your home is adding a little something to a bare table top. You can do this easily by having a look at some stylish tablecloths online. After purchasing one, you may also want to purchase a centerpiece, like a vase or candle, particularly for your main table in the dining room.

Adding Colour To The Walls

The easiest way of decorating the walls in your home is to add a couple pictures and portraits. You may want to choose a couple classic prints from an artist like Picasso or opt for more modern designs. The classic prints will go with a more traditionally decorated home and will add class to each of your rooms. But, modern prints will look terrific in a house designed for the here and now.

Or, if art is not your thing, and you have kids you could hang up their latest school achievements on the walls. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and if your house is still not feeling like your new home, it may be the perfect choice.

Finally, failing that why not frame some snaps from your latest family holiday and put them sparingly around your house.

Using these ideas, we are sure your new country house will look stylish and feel like home.

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